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All deaths in a population over the mid-year population
Events in a specified time period.
Existing disease in a population. Total number of cases over a total population at risk at a given time.
Occurrence of new disease in a population.
Prevalence = Incidence * _______
Deaths assigned to the disease in a certain year over the total deaths in the in the population in the same year.
Incidence rate in the exposed minus the incidence rate in the nonexposed.
Incidence in the exposed over the incidence rate in the nonexposed.
How much of a health problem may arise due to exposure to a known risk factor.
Name the 3 measures of Central Tendency.
Name the 4 measures of Variability.
Name a characteristic of Gaussian distribution.
The probability that illness is present GIVEN that a test result is positive.
Name the type of probability: Pr (A and B) = Pr(A)* Pr(B)
Name the type of probability: Pr (A or B) = Pr(A) + Pr(B) - Pr(A and B)
______ Study: The investigator assigns the 'exposure' to individual subjects
______ Study: The exposure of a subject is not determined by the investigator and thus can only be 'observed'
______ _______ Study: Cases with disease and controls are chosen and past exposure to a factor is determined.
_____ Study: Subjects are chosen based on exposure status and followed or traced to determine the outcome. Two types are prospective and restrospective.
Question Answer
_____ Study: 'Equipoise' is the ethical imperative. 'Gold Standard' because of the potential minimization of bias and confounding relative to observational studies.
_____ Study: Usually a survey format. Subjects are not selected based on either exposure status or disease status.
5 Characteristics of Causal Association include: temporal relationship, strength, dose-response, consistency, and ______ of the association.
Calories from fat should be no more than ___%.
Name a clinical manifestation of Copper deficiency.
Name a clinical manifestation of Iodine deficiency.
Name a clinical manifestation of Selenium deficiency.
Name a clinical manifestation of Zinc deficiency.
______ circumference is the best measure of central adiposity and the best predictor of insulin resistance.
Growth _____ is the most reliable nutritional assessment relating to the health of the child.
Obese or Overweight: BMI greater than 85th percentile
The base of the food pyramid indicates daily exercise and _____ control.
Preschoolers and School age children need 3-4 servings of _____ rich foods per day.
Name a physiologic cause of proteinuria.
Name a test you would order in Microhematuria after having RBCs on more than 3 occasions.
How many times do you check the dipstick when an otherwise healthy child has an isolated proteinuria?
If the urine protein: creatinine ratio is greater than 0.25, evaluate for _______ proteinuria.
If the urine protein: creatinine ratio is greater than 1.0, do a complete evaluation, then order what labs?
Most common cause of CHRONIC nephrotic syndrome in older children and adults. Most common in 10-19 year olds. Most present with nephrotic syndrome but may just have gross hematuria
Common cause of glomerular hematuria in children. Associated with intercurrent viral respiratory or GI illness. Renal biopsy to diagnose definitively. No effective treatment.
Represents nearly all renal tumors of childhood. Median age is 3.5 years. Usually present with abdominal mass/swelling. Treatment is nephrectomy or multiagent chemotherapy.
Urine calcium:creatinine ratio >0.2. Microscopic hematuria. Causes can be hyperparathyroidism, immobilization, vitamin D intoxication, furosemide use.
Name a condition that has gross hematuria with RBC casts.

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