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Autoimmune skin disorder with IgG antibody against hemidesmosomes. Follows other skin eruption such as Erythema multiforme. Treated with systemic prednisone.
Self limiting inflammatory condition with hypopigmentation.
Full thickness, laterally spreading infection. Streptococci are the most frequent etiology, but some are associated with Vibrio vulnificus.
Treatment of furuncle is to _____ the abscess.
Limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis (Scleroderma) is generally associated with the ______ syndrome
______ ________ syndrome: 'Coast of Maine' border rather than smooth border of NF.
SLE is typically exacerbated by _____.
Treatment for vibrio vulnificus
Characterized by a photosensitive malar rash, frequently with erosion and telangiectasias.
The ______ or growth phase begins with resumption of mitotic activity in the hair bulb and dermal papilla.
_____: fine hairs found on the fetus and infant
Pruritus _______: Cholestasis of Pregnancy. Skin manifestation is generally pruritus. Serum bile acids generally elevated.
Synonymous with ulcerative impetigo, but usually involves the whole thickness of the epidermis.
The variola virus, a DNA virus of the orthopoxvirus genus, causes ________.
_____ lines occur in Arsenic exposure.
Nystatin is _____ specific.
_____: underlying hamartomas in the GI tract can transform to malignancy
Rocky mountain spotted fever has _____ rash.
Ecthyma _______: Pseudomonas infection in immunocompromised host.
Most common cutaneous manifestation of diabetes mellitus is ________- a velvety hyperpigmented thickening of skin at the base of the neck and involving the axilla.
Infection of the lacrimal duct and sac.
____ granuloma is common in pregnancy and post partum. Friable, bleeding lesions. Removed with dessication and curettage.
The spontaneous onset of spoon nails has been reported to occur with _____ and in 50% of patients with idiopathic hemochromatosis.
Argyria is from _____ ingestion.
Group of congenital diseases with friable skin that responds to minimal trauma with breakdown, bulla formation and ulceration
Shallow infection generally with purulent honey colored crust.
Involves dermal lymphatics. Superficial. Causes facial cellulitis. Etiologic organism is Strep pyogenes. Risk of CNS dissemination through cavernous sinus or the orbit.
Lymphadenitis of the cervical lymph nodes associated with tuberculosis.
The spontaneous appearance of _____ nails occurs before, during, or after certain respiratory diseases and in diseases associated with lymphedema.
______ hairs- Thick, pigmented on the top of the head and in the beard, axillary, and pubic areas are influenced by androgens.
Rapid onset of total hair loss in a sharply defined, usually round, area. The diagnosis is made by observation.
Causative agent of tinea versicolor.
_____ hair: short, fine relatively nonpigmented and covers much of the body.
Formed by immunoglobulin light chain and is seen in multiple myeloma and Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia
Secondary syphilis lesions are found on the ______ and soles.
Alopecia _____: 100% loss of hair on the scalp and body.
Necrotizing fasciitis is associated with strep infection and sometimes gram negatives are involved, especially in ______ gangrene, a variant that starts in the perineum and scrotum
Hypopigmented scaly lesions due to niacin deficiency.
Acrallentiginous ____ presents as a discolored nail.
Clinical features include waxy skin and easy bruising. Enlarged muscles (e.g. tongue, deltoids).
The characteristic mucocutaneous pigmentations (melanin spots) of _____ are present in more than 95 percent of patients and are caused by pigment laden macrophages in the dermis. A
Cutaneous manifestations of _______: Thickened, inflexible leathery skin and subcutaenous tissue
_____ is a process of involution that occurs with cell death in follicular keratinocytes. It is the phase of acute follicular regression that signals the end of anagen.
A deep infection that penetrates through the skin and spreads along the deep fascia.
Papular _____ of Pregnancy: High levels of HCG and generalized distribution are different from Prurigo gest. Generalized eruption of intensely pruritic papules. Clears after delive
Causes fishtank granuloma and self-resolving.
Hair shaft is _____ protein.
______ lines are reflective of inflammatory process at discrete time of nail development. Caused by systemic illness.
Alopecia areata is treated with intralesional ______.
Autoimmune skin disorder with IgG antibody against desmosomes. Antibodies against desmosomal proteins cause acantholysis.
____ sign sudden increase of seborrheic keratoses- associated with GI Malignancies
The most common form of systemic vasculitis in children.
Erythema chronica migrans can be found in _____ disease.
_______ effluvium affects the bitemporal areas. Causes include acute blood loss, childbirth, crash diets (inadequate protein), drugs such as coumarin, heparin, propanolol, vitamin
Tertiary syphilis includes ______ lata.
Alopecia _____: 100% loss of scalp hair
Staph aureus in superficial skin infection
Most common hypopigmentation. Symmetrical on both sides. Treatment is UVA light to bring back some pigmentation.
Finger ______ (Hippocratic nails) is a distinct feature associated with a number of diseases, but it may occur as a normal variant
Lateral elevation and central depression of the nail plate cause the nail to be ______ shaped; this is called koilonychia.
Compulsive hair pulling. May or may not be associated with Obsessive compulsive disorder.
An exaggerated vascular response to cold temperature or emotional stress.
Life and vision threatening infection that has invaded the septum and involves the orbit. Usually seen in children.
Prurigo ______: Small, highly pruritic papules, often covered by bloody crusts due to scratching. Extensor surfaces of extremities, abdomen, and thorax. Clears after delivery.
______ effluvium: the abrupt loss of hair from follicles that are in their growing phase. An abrupt insult to the metabolic and follicular reproductive apparatus must be delivered
Baldness in men is not a _____, but rather a physiologic reaction induced by androgens in genetically predisposed men. The pattern of inheritance is probably polygenic. Thinning of
Subungual _____ occur in tuberous sclerosis.
_______ Gestationis: Generalized pruritis, erythematous papules, plaques and vesicobullous lesions periumbilically, spreading over whole body . Associated with fetal mortality in s
Hereditary inability to synthesize melanin due to tyrosine kinase defects.
_________ alopecia is due to the progressive shortening of successive anagen cycles. There are two populations of scalp follicles: androgen-sensitive follicles on the top and andro
Pustular nodular lesions at primary site of infection then along lymphatic drainage route. Causative agent is a dimorphic fungus- Sporothrix. Treated with Itraconazole or potassium
______Syndrome: Secrete serotonin and causes intermittent flushing. Malignant tumor that looks like a benign tumor.
Represent an infection that involves several follicles combined into a single deep abscess pocket.
Recent studies show that women with female pattern alopecia have increased levels of _____.
The _____ (rest) phase in the scalp lasts for 2 to 3 months before the scalp follicles reenter the anagen stage and the cycle is repeated.
______ infection: Generally follow exposure to marine organisms or environment, and occur most often in people with alcoholism or liver disease.
______ biopsy is recommended to be used to confirm diagnosis in Amyloidosis.
Chancre can be found in ______ syphilis.
characterized by a ring of small, firm, flesh-colored or red papules. The localized form, most common in young adult females, is most frequently found on the lateral or dorsal surf
The affected hairs of alopecia areata that are often found retained at the periphery of a lesion have a normal upper shaft and a narrowed base—“______ point” hair.

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