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There are ___ pain specialists for 100,000 patients
_____ pain is pain that is generally constant in nature, and lasts at least half of the day
_____ pain is pain that increases over baseline pain to a significantly higher degree of intensity
Uncontrolled, severe pain not responsive to therapy. Significant ongoing disruption of physical and/or psychosocial functioning are _____ indications to refer to a pain specialist.
_______ risk indications are loss of control over medication use. Prescriptions from multiple providers/Emergency Department visits requesting drugs. Preoccupation with opioids
Trigger point formation inflammatory products lead to edema and sensitization of _______
Chronic muscle lesions associated with higher density of nociceptors.
_____ sensitization refers to the process by which, as a consequence of excessive nociceptive nerve signals from the periphery, long-term changes occur in the central nervous syste
______ inflammation: Sensory endings spilling irritating nerve transmitters called “algogenic substances” such as bradykinin and serotonin Tissues knotted, woody indurated, spastic.
Capacity of neurons to change their function, chemical profile or structure
Neurosignature pattern triggered by corrupted sensory inputs enter the spinal cord through the DRG branching neurons to the intersegmental connections – the Lissauer tract
______ involves the injection of inflammatory substances the fibro-osseous junction, stimulating the formation of organized scar tissue at the site of injection
___ advantages: No known active metabolites, excreted 80% in stool. Longer analgesic and serum ½ life than short acting opioids Very high oral bioavailability. Protein bound.
Methadone is unlike other opioids. It is gradually reduced over _____ months. Initiation of the drug should be done by a pain specialist or someone educated in the use of methadone
Painful condition with distinct trigger point areas within muscle and fascia which are abnormally active and produce local and referred pain
Highest prevalence between 30 and 49 yo. Pain (aching or burning, continuous or periodic). Stiffness usually in AM. Decreased ROM are all characteristics of what?
______ Pain: Trigger Points. Taut muscle bands. Decreased ROM. Focal tenderness. Local-referred pain
____: Tender points. Soft “doughy” muscle. Increase ROM. Diffuse tenderness. General malaise, diffuse pain. Poor response to injection
_____ has been recognized to reduce pain associated with numerous pain conditions, independent of the effect on muscle relaxation by reducing and inhibiting the release of neurotra
Name a red flag for headaches 'SNOOP'.
A syndrome that develops after an initiating noxious event that may or may not be associated with a period of immobilization
No psychological factor or personality structure predisposing for CRPS has been identified, however, studies have demonstrated that up to ___% of CRPS patients had experienced ‘s
NSAIDs do not help _____ pain.
A powerful analgesic and should be considered a tool for refractory pain of all types. Effective at many receptor sites
Injury to a dorsal root ganglion (DRG) is often associated with chronic sensitivity to _____ stimulation of the associated dermatome.

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