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Which letter of the SOAP note: Anatomically specific diagnosis of SD
Left ribs 4-8 resist exhalation. What is the key rib?
The only motion at the atlantoaxial joint.
A patient receiving lumbar ME with restricted T3 is place on their right side with legs extended. What is the L3 diagnosis?
The tubercle of rib 6 articulates with the transverse process of which segment?
California Osteopathic schools were the first to require the teaching of _________.
A patient has hypertonic muscles on the right paraspinal region of T5-T9. What is the direction of rotation?
During exhalation, the left 12th rib stops moving caudad and medially before the right rib. What is the 12th rib diagnosis?
What muscle would you use to treat Exhalation SD of rib 10 with muscle energy?
OMT treatment of viscerosomatic reflex activity should provide somatic relaxation with _______ stimulation.
What motion of the lumbar spine is most limited?
The head is affected by sympathetic outflow of which segments of the thoracic spine?
Part of the spine most likely to find evidence of myocardial infarction.
When treating ribs with muscle energy, which physiological mechanism are you using when the patient's breath provides the isometric force?
Type of reflex: Shoulder pain with diaphragm dysfunction
In ME treatment of Exhalation SD, inhalation moves the rib to the barrier, contraction of accessory muscles of inspiration provide __________ contraction
Type of reflex: exacerbation of asthma during an episode of gastroesophageal reflux.
According to Louisa Burns, resolution of the ________ dysfunction was required to reverse the cellular changes caused by the dysfunction.
Definition: A written formula for the preparation and administration of any remedy.
What muscle would you use to treat Exhalation SD of rib 3 with muscle energy?
Which ribs would you treat in order to effect the ribs that directly attach to the diaphragm?
Superior or inferior: Muscle energy treatment vector of rib 2 exhalation SD.
Proposition _______withdrew the power of the Board of Osteopathic Examiners to license new DOs in the state of California.
Your examination reveals right ribs 3-6 tender to palpation, sunken anteriorly and more prominent posteriorly. They are restricted in both inhalation and exhalation. Diagnosis is?
Which letter of the SOAP note: OMT provided to the patient
BUM or BUL: Lumbar Spine
Occipitoatlantal joint has sidebending and rotation in the ___________ direction
What type of somatic dysfunction does a rib have when it has increasing resistance during exhalation?
What type of motion does ribs 2-4 primarily have?
Muscle that directly contributes to the exhalation motion of rib 9.
When L4 herniates, it injures the nerve root of which segment?
What position would a patient with a unilateral psoas spasm be most comfortable?
What organ is affected by sympathetic outflow of T5-T9?
Cervical segments typically have sidebending and rotation in the ________ direction
Inferior or Superior: Aspect of the rib that the hand contacts for ME treatment of rib 12 exhalation SD
What organ is affected by sympathetic outflow of T10-T11?
Which letter of the SOAP note: Physical findings that justify the diagnosis of SD.
Chronic SD of primarily visceral origin returns _______ after treatment
A man has decreased excursion of the ribs when he exhales. What is the diagnosis?
Flexed or Extended: Palpation reveals T5 Rotated Right. With flexion, the findings become more pronounced.

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