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Has a half life of 1 hour. Toxicity includes allergic IgM related thrombocytopenic purpura
GI bleeding is a common toxicity (20%). Has a slight COX 2 selectivity
Has a half life of 58 hours
Slight COX I specificity. Toxicity includes Steven-Johnson epidermal necrolysis, thrombocytopenia, and agranulocytosis
Popular for rheumatic conditions. Slight COX I specificity. Has more severe NSAID effects including CNS disturbances (hallucinations, confusion, depression)
Available OTC and also inhibits lipoxygenase. Toxicity similar to Ibuprofen.
Used for cancer pain. Toxicity includes pseudoporphyria
Available OTC. Has a half life of 14 hours. Toxicities in rare cases include allergic pneumonitis and pseudoporphyria.
Less effective than aspirin. Non-acetylated
Has a slight COX2 specificity. Toxicity similar to Ibuprofen
Available in topical ointment
Has a half life of 26 hours. Toxicity includes pseudoporphyria.
Available as ophthalmic drops
Available IM and has high analgesic efficacy
Associated with interstitial nephritis.
Has a half life of 57 hours
Contraindicated in pregnancy

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