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Type of CD found on naive T cells and interacts with CD80/86
Type of IFN that activates macrophage and is secreted by Th1 to inhibit proliferation of Th2
Type of CD required for class switching
Type of IL that is responsible for inducing inflammation
Type of TGF secreted by Treg and Th2 that inhibits activation of Th1
Type of IL besides IL-2 that induces T cell growth
Type of IL that is secreted by Treg and downregulates Th1
Type of CD found Antigen Presenting Cells (B cells, macrophages, Dendritic Cells) and binds to CD28
Type of CD that regulates the Membrane Attack Complex
Type of IFN that provides anti-viral immunity
Has a higher affinity for CD80:86 and effectively shuts down T cell response
Type of IL for T cell growth
Type of TNF responsible for inflammation
Type of IL that activates Eosinophil
Type of IL for class switching from Th2

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