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Can you tell whether the given article is satire? Type (F) for FOX and (O) for The Onion.

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Wild horses of North Carolina to ride out hurricane with 'butts to the wind'
Remains of 19th-century vampire found
A new study suggests that woolly mammoths and neanderthals may have shared genetic traits
Sony announces discreet new flesh-colored VR helmet that blends in with your face
Chick-fil-A VP on 'secret sauce' of exceptional service: 'Jesus had it right'
New report finds Americans most interested in science when the moon looks different than usual
Glowing aliens could turn harsh UV radiation into beautiful radiance
New evidence suggests early humans first used fire to impress friends
Scientists pinpoint part of brain all your hair grows out of
Japanese scientists plan to create human-mouse hybrids. Here's how.
Spike in shark sightings off Cape Cod alarms swimmers, keeps them close to shore
Brazilian government equips firefighters with flamethrowers to combat massive Amazon rainforest
US military attempting to deploy fish as underwater spies
Nation's nonfiction writers announce plans to keep writing down things that happened
'Cosmopolitan' fires editor after learning she lied on resume about having sex
Scientists are building a real-life version of the Starship Enterprise's life scanner
New research suggests the deceased may hear themselves being pronounced dead by doctors
Health experts urge parents to dramatically reduce childrens' on-screen time
Discovery Channel pulls controversial 'How It's Made' nuclear power episode that gave Iran access to top-secret designs
Fidel Castro's former crocodile bites man at Swedish aquarium
Newly discovered DNA evidence suggests children could be closely related to humans
Humans will eventually merge with machines, a professor says
Physicists stuffed a ghostly 'skyrmion' full of 'antiskyrmions'
Astronaut accused of committing crime from space
Florida deputies rescue raccoon from vending machine
Fossil records indicate early humans hunted 25-foot giant paramecium and other mega-Protista to extinction
Scientists genetically engineer lab rat predisposed to think anything wrong with it might be cancer
NASA investigating first-ever crime committed in space

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