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can you give the missing lyric
don't cha wish your girlfriend was_____ like me
forget about guns and forget ammunition coz i'm ____ all
i've been _______ about you and how we use to be
there's a _______ in my bed there's a pounding in my head
if i could turn back the hands of time i swear i would never had crossed that ______
you can't stop _____ about me twitting about me
it's a little bit _____ this feeling inside
the sun goes down the ___ come out
can you give the missing lyric
because some days stay ___ forever
thank you for the pain it maid me ____ my game
i'm tripping and ______ get over i feel lucky like a four leaf clover
you know my _______ giving me reputation
can't believe your so beautifull feels like i'm in a _____
in need a doctor doctor to _____ me back to life
if i said in need your _____ now would you hold it against me

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