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Can you name the characters from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword?

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Protagonist's best friend
Spirit of the Sword
Demon Lord
Demon King
Sheikah guardian
Protagonist's rival
Knight Academy headmaster
Knight Academy flight instructor
Plant-loving flight instructor
Weakling Knight Academy student
Female Knight Academy student
Bug-loving Knight Academy student
Short Knight Academy bully
Knight Academy night patrol
Night patrol's mother
Knight Commander
Knight Academy cook
Headmaster's pet Remlit
Scrap Shop owner
Scrap Shop owner's robot
Scrap Shop owner's mother
Fortune Teller
Potion Shop owner
Potion Shop infuser
Bazaar Gear Shop owner
Gear peddler's mother
Item Check clerk
Item Check girl's father; Clean Cut proprietor
Lost little girl
Little girl's mother
Little girl's father
Skyloft Loftwing rider brother
Skyloft Loftwing rider sister
Bazaar cook
Cook's son
Bazaar restaurant/Lumpy Pumpkin patron
Retired Bazaar/Lumpy Pumpkin patron
Skyloft resident demon
Lumpy Pumpkin owner
Lumpy Pumpkin owner's daughter/waitress
Old Lumpy Pumpkin patron; Academy cook's husband
Young Lumpy Pumpkin patron
Flying shop owner
Fun Fun Island proprietor
Travelling Goron archaeologist
Kikwi Elder
Kikwi Hermit
Relaxed Kikwi
Careless Kikwi
Flustered Kikwi
Cowardly Kikwi
Leader of the Parella
Mogma elder
Greedy fat Mogma
Bomb Bag Mogma
Digging Mitts Mogma
Long-haired Mogma
Gold fillings Mogma
Bomb flower Mogma
Bomb Bag Mogma's buddy
Thrill Digger proprietor
Goron digger
Robot ship captain
Rickety Coaster proprietor
The Goddess
Golden Goddess of Power
Golden Goddess of Wisdom
Golden Goddess of Courage
Water Dragon
Fire Dragon
Thunder Dragon
Great Spirit of the Skies
Advice giving stones
Robotic pirate
Robotic guard of Sky Keep
Pyroclastic Fiend
Thousand-Year Arachnid
Ancient Automaton
Abyssal Leviathan
Ocular Parasite
Sealed Monstrosity

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