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Can you name the horror movies by their plot descriptions?

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Various townspeople take refuge in a supermarket from mist-concealed monsters2007
A couple move to Venice after the death of their daughter and are troubled by what may be their daughter's spirit1973
A medical student invents a formula to revive the dead but a greedy professor wants the formula for himself1985
Working on Wall Street, a well-off man cannot overcome his hatred of people and his compulsion to kill 2000
A widower uses auditions for a film to find a new wife, but the girl he settles on has hidden secrets1999
A deceased puppet maker's creations torment a group of psychics investigating a colleague's suicide1989
A doctor uncovers a plot to kill millions of children by a company that mass manufactures Halloween masks1982
The wife and mistress of a french school's headmaster plot and execute the murder of him, but the body disappears and sightings of the headmaster are reported1955
A newcomer at a famous ballet school is troubled by strange noises and occurrences going on around her1977
The sole survivor of a car accident, a young organist, gets a job at a church but is haunted by a phantom figure and other spirits1962
An elderly gypsy woman places a curse on a loan officer than causes the cursed to be plunged into Hell after three days2009
Six strangers wake up in a cubical maze filled with deadly traps1997
The disappearance of a famous horror author prompts an insurance investigator to travel to a fictitious town and face the horrors of the author's imagination1995
The mounting troubles in a struggling artist's life cause him to snap and go on a rampage with a drill1979
A student researching local legends tests whether they are true and accidentally summons the vengeful murderer from the legends1992

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