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Three convicts escape a chain gang in Mississippi to find $1.2 million in buried treasure2000
Several Scottish on-again/off-again heroin addicts and their acquaintances try to get through life1996
A research team in Antarctica is infiltrated by a shape-shifting alien1982
A bright, British schoolgirl falls in love with a charming older man and must choose between school and their relationship2009
The angry rants of a unhinged news anchor are exploited by corporate heads1976
A harmonica-playing stranger and an outlaw desperado team up to defend a landowning widow from a railway company1968
A young Irishman aspires to assemble to world's greatest soul band1991
A local police chief, a marine biologist, and a shark hunter team up to kill a shark terrorizing a resort town1975
British POWs are forced to construct a bridge while the Allies plot to destroy it1957
A middle-aged professor falls in love with his landlord's preteen daughter1962
Two rival magicians engage in a game of one-upmanship2006
Both the police and the crime syndicate search for a serial killer who preys on children1931
Three men start a paranormal exterminator service1984
A pregnant woman believes that she carries the son of the devil1968
A U.S. Marshal and his partner visit a psychiatric hospital in the Boston Harbor to investigate a disappearance2010
A beautiful woman, abused by her stepsisters and stepmother, attempts to attend a royal ball1950
A reporter attempts to uncover the meaning of a newspaper magnate's last word1941
An Italian man convinces his son that a WWII concentration camp is a game in order to hide the horrors of war1997
After a gang boss disappears with 300 million yen, his sadomasochistic enforcer searches for the people responsible2001
An exiled ant goes on a quest to recruit warriors to fight off the oppressing grasshoppers1998
A spaceship crew travels to a distant planet to find the aliens responsible for creating life on Earth2012
An MI6 agent's pursuit of a megalomaniac takes him into Earth's orbit1979
A poor Bengali family struggle with the harsh living conditions of their village1955
While searching for a best man, a man enters a 'bromance' that puts strain on his engagement2009
The mutiny of Russian sailors leads to the massacre of demonstrators1925

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