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A game show contestant recounts his life experiences that led him to the correct answers2008
A juror attempts to convince his fellow jury members to consider the evidence more carefully before reaching a verdict1957
Three brothers take a train across India to see their estranged mother2007
After a brick ordering mishap destroys their house, a cowboy, Indian, and horse pursue a wall thief2009
A businessman begins to grow metal out of his body after hitting a metal fetishist with his car1989
A playwright travels to Hollywood to write a wrestling picture, but develops severe writer's block1991
An orphan living in a Paris train station attempts to repair a damaged automaton2011
A British king and his knights are instructed by God to embark on a silly quest to retrieve the holy grail1975
A man with many aliases helps a widow search for her husband's missing fortune while evading other would-be thieves1963
A film crew begins to suspect their director is using a genuine vampire to film a classic horror movie2000
A man and his son search around Rome for his stolen bicycle which he needs for his new occupation1948
A veteren teams up with a rookie agent of a secret paranormal agency to hunt an insectoid alien1997
A group of deformed sideshow performers get revenge on a trapeze artist who is after one midget's inheritence1932
A Kazakh reporter travels to America to film a documentary on American culture2006
An amnesiac, found in the desert by his brother, decides to take his abandoned son to find his estranged wife1984
An 18th century Irish gambler rises through the ranks of European aristocracy1975
Five friends vacation to a remote cabin while technicians control the horror movie clich├ęs going on around them2012
A punk rocker apprentices as a repossession agent and competes to find a Chevrolet with deadly aliens in the trunk1984
A puppet is animated by a fairy and seeks a way to become a human1940
A WWI British lieutenant helps the Arab tribes reclaim Arabia from the Turks1962
Ghosts haunt the home of a suburban family and abduct the youngest daughter1982
An unlucky television reporter is given the opportunity to be God for one week2003
A WWI fighter pilot who has been turned into a pig works as a bounty hunter in the Adriatic Sea1992
A starship crew arrive at a distint planet to investigate why all but two inhabitants have been killed by an invisible creature1956
A cemetery caretaker must choose between his spectral bond with his deceased brother or pursuing the girl of his dreams2010

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