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A private investigator is hired to track down a jewel-encrusted statuette1941
Two gym employees believe an ex-CIA analyst's memoirs are important government secrets2008
A director suffers from a creative block and begins to reminisce on his memories and fantasies 1963
After a memory-implantation procedure goes awry, a man travels to Mars to uncover the truth about his past 1990
When a successful comedian is misdiagnosed with cancer, he takes on an aspiring comedian to be his protégé and friend2009
Allied powers attempt to seize several strategically key bridges in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands1977
A former masked vigilante once again dons his costume in order to protect his city from a burly mercenary2012
A recent college grad has an affair with the mother of his love interest1967
A sociopathic hoodlum is arrested and subjected to an experimental rehabilitation technique1971
Ridiculed for his large ears, an elephant must learn to fly in order to regain his self-esteem1941
A knight returns from war to find his homeland ravaged by the plague and begins a prolonged chess game with Death1957
Two young children are stranded in the Australian outback and depend on an aborigine boy to lead them to safety1971
A group of WWI French prisoners plot to escape from first a POW camp then a fortress prison1937
The serial killer is caught, but the cops scramble to locate eight victims locked in a house filled with deadly traps2005
A newly married marshal unsuccessfully attempts to rally the townspeople to help him stop a gang of criminals out for revenge1952
A young child and six dwarfs travel through time searching for treasure and fighting evil1981
Five institutionalized girls create elaborate fantasy worlds that mirror their escape attempt2011
To save a failing hockey team, the coach adopts a violent playing style to gain notoriety1977
A class of high school students are forced into a tournament in which they must kill each other to win2000
An acrophobic former detective is hired to tail a woman who is believed to be possessed1958
The turmoil in the upper echelons of the Third Reich is highlighted during the final ten days of the Führer's life2004
Survivors seek the source of a distress signal after a bloodlust-inducing viral infection causes society to crumble2002
A newly engaged couple seeks refuge at a castle owned by an extraterrestrial mad scientist 1975
A college student enters the seedy underbelly of his idyllic logging town after finding a severed ear1986
Four stories of bigotry are told in ancient Babylon, Roman-ruled Judea, 16th century Paris, and modern America1916

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