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Can you name the director by his/her lesser known films?

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Barry Lyndon; Killer's Kiss; Fear and Desire
Goya's Ghosts; Taking Off; Valmont
The Man Who Wasn't There; The Hudsucker Proxy; Intolerable Cruelty
Lost Highway; The Straight Story; Dune
Firefox; Blood Work; Absolute Power
Girl 6; Mo' Better Blues; Get on the Bus
The Newton Boys; subUrbia; Tape
Blue Steel; The Loveless; K-19: The Widowmaker
Fast Company; M. Butterfly; Shivers
Gung Ho; The Paper; Grand Theft Auto
Rumble Fish; Tetro; You're a Big Boy Now
The Mirror; Ivan's Childhood; The Sacrifice
King Lear; Film Socialisme; First Name: Carmen
Blithe Spirit; The Passionate Friends; This Happy Breed
Don't Drink the Water; Hollywood Ending; Another Woman
High Anxiety; The Twelve Chairs; Life Stinks
Duel; 1941; Always
True Lies; The Abyss; Piranha II: The Spawning
The Gift; For Love of the Game; Crimewave
Fedora; The Major and the Minor; One, Two, Three
Millions; Shallow Grave; A Life Less Ordinary
Ride With the Devil; Lust, Caution; Sense and Sensibility
Mr. Arkadin; The Trial; The Stranger
Roadracers; The Faculty; Shorts
Mimic; Blade II; The Devil's Backbone
The Underneath; Schizopolis; Bubble
One Wonderful Sunday; Scandal; Dersu Uzala
After Hours; Kundun; The Age of Innocence
Heroes Shed No Tears; Reign of Assassins; Windtalkers
The Castle of Cagliostro; Porco Rosso; NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind
3 Women; Thieves Like Us; O.C. and Stiggs
Hour of the Wolf; Summer with Monika; The Magic Flute
Someone to Watch Over Me; White Squall; A Good Year
Forgotten Silver; Meet the Feebles; Bad Taste
Saboteur; Champagne; The Paradine Case

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