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Can you name the anatomical structures that are named after scientists?

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Regions of the pancreas that contain endocrine cells
AKA atrioventricular bundle; muscle cells that conduct electrical impulses from AV node to apex of fascicular branches
AKA tigroid bodies; serve as the rough endoplasmic reticulum in neurons, site of protein synthesis
Organelle which processes and packages proteins in preparation for exocytosis
GABAergic output cells from the cerebellar cortex
Inner ear organ which contains auditory sensory hair cells
AKA sphincter of ampulla; circular muscle which controls the flow of digestive juices into the second part of the duodenum
Testicular cells that produce testosterone in response to LH
Ducts that allow eggs to travel from the ovary to the uterus
Heritable cusp sometimes found on palatal side of the maxillary first molar
Gaps in the myelin sheath of neurons that allow for saltatory conduction of the action potential
Portion of the nephron that descends into renal medulla, uses an osmotic gradient to concentrate urine
AKA vitreous lamina; The innermost layer of the choroid
Region of the brain responsible for speech production and comprehension
AKA pharyngotympanic tube; tube that links nasopharynx to middle ear, causes pressure equilization

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