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Can you name the 300 Indie or Alternative Bands?

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Two; Bear; Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
Did You See the Words?; Peacebone; My Girls
Holocene; Skinny Love; Blood Bank
My Body; Cough Syrup; Apartment
Seventeen Years; Shiller; Wildcat
TV Party; Rise Above; Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
Birdhouse in Your Soul; Experimental FIlm; Don't Let's Start
Slide; Name; Sympathy
Love Lost; Fader; Sweet Disposition
Laid; Sit Down; She's a Star
Dog Days Are Over; You've Got the Love; Shake It Out
Fa Cé-La; Crazy Rhythms; Moscow Nights
This Ain't No Picnic; History Lesson - Part II; #1 Hit Song
Mic Check; M.A.D.; Leap of Faith
The Funeral; Is There a Ghost; The Great Salt Lake
Straight Lines; Tomorrow; Anthem for the Year 2000
We Used to Be Friends; Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth; Bohemian Like You
No Surprise; Crawling Back to You; It's Not Over
Bent; Push; How Far We've Come
Spoonman; Burden In My Hand; Jesus Christ Pose
Hard to Explain; Under Cover of Darkness; Reptilia
Lorelei; Pandora; My Love Paramour
Dig Me Out; Get Up; You're No Rock n' Roll Fun
The High Road; The Ghost Inside; October
Your Ex-Lover Is Dead; We Don't Want Your Body; Take Me to the Riot
The Way That He Sings; I'm Amazed; Off the Record
Lucky Denver Mint; Pain; Bleed American
Smack My B*tch Up; Omen; Firestarter
The Impression That I Get; Someday I Suppose; So Sad to Say
April Fool; Shake It Out; I've Got Friends
Dysfunktional Uncle; Step On; Kinky Afro
The Mighty Sparrow; Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone?; Bomb. Repeat. Bomb.
Hella Good; Just A Girl; Spiderwebs
Gold Guns Girls; Poster of a Girl; Gimme Sympathy
One Great City!; Watermark; Civil Twilight
December; Shine; Precious Declaration
One Thing; Paralyzer; Good Times
First Breath After Coma; Human Qualities; The Birth and Death of the Day
War on War; You Never Know; Jesus, Etc.
Cult of Personality; Love Rears Its Ugly Head; Leave It Alone
Precision Auto; Slack Motherf**ker; Watery Hands
The Modern Leper; Living in Colour; My Backwards Walk
Asking for It; Celebrity Skin; Skinny Little B*tch
Cybele's Reverie; Brakhage; Miss Modular
Bizarre Love Triangle; Ceremony; Blue Monday
My Immortal; Bring Me to Life; Going Under
Since I Left You; A Different Feeling; Frontier Psychiatrist
We Are Young; Some Nights; At Least I'm Not as Sad (As I Used to Be)
Lisztomania; 1901; Long Distance Call
These Are Days; Candy Everybody Wants; Because the Night
Ball and Chain; Story of My Life; Ring of Fire
Sparky's Dream; Starsign; Ain't That Enough
Nothing Can Stop Us; Hobart Paving; Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Satan Said Dance; Same Mistake; The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
World Sick; 7/4 (Shoreline); KC Accidental
You Found Me; Over My Head (Cable Car); How to Save a Life
On Melancholy Hill; 19-2000; DARE
Good Morning, Captain; Nosferatu Man; Breadcrumb Trail
Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair; Brianstorm; I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
Awake; Whiskey Hangover; I Stand Alone
Helena Beat; Pumped Up Kicks; Don't Stop (Color on the Walls)
The Distance; Short Skirt/Long Jacket; Never There
Then Comes Dudley; Mouth Breather; Countless Backs of the Sad Losers
Charlie Brown; Violet Hill; The Scientist
Jesus Walking on the Water; Add It Up; Gone Daddy Gone
Debonair; 66; Turn on the Water
Distopian Dream Girl; I Would Hurt a Fly; You Were Right
3's & 7's; Go with the Flow; No One Knows
Walking with a Ghost; Back in Your Head; Alligator
She Don't Use Jelly; Do You Realize??; The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power)
Ocean Man; Push th' Little Daisies; Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
Back Against the Wall; Shake Me Down; Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
Disappear; The Future Freaks Me Out; This Is for Real
Chocolate; Signal Fire; Chasing Cars
Simple Song; New Slang; Phantom Limb
Madder Red; 2080; O.N.E.
Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me); Calling All Angels; Hey, Soul Sister
Feel the Pain; In A Jar; Freak Scene
Nature of the Experiment; Breakneck Speed; Your English is Good
John the Fisherman; Tommy the Cat; My Name is Mud
What Became of the Likely Lads; Time for Heroes; Don't Look Back Into the Sun
Someday I Will Treat You Good; Ghost in the Sky; Sick of Goodbyes
Drive; Megalomaniac; Anna Molly
Jeremy; Daughter; Last Kiss
Believe; An Honest Mistake; Unconditional
House of Jealous Lovers; Get Myself Into It; I Need Your Love
Point/Counterpoint; Everything Went Numb; The Blonde Lead the Blind
You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son; Soldier's Grin; Cloud Shadow on the Mountain
Up All Night; Miss You; Stay Together for the Kids
Djed; TNT; Along the Banks of the River
Learn to Fly; The Pretender; Walk
Autumn Sweater; Drug Test; Tom Courtenay
River Below; Fallen Leaves; Rusted from the Rain
I Got Drunk; No Depression; Gun
Galaxie; No Rain; Tones of Home
Twin Cinema; Letter from an Occupant; Myriad Harbour
No You Girls; The Dark of the Matinée; Ulysses
Salute Your Solution; Broken Boy Soldier; Steady As She Goes
New Moon Rising; Joker & the Thief; Woman
In Circles; Every Shining Time You Arrive; Rain Song
40 Day Dream; Carries On; Home
He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot; Hewlett's Daughter; El Caminos in the West
Boys Don't Cry; Friday I'm In Love; Let's Go to Bed
Here It Goes Again; All Is Not Lost; A Million Ways
Lover I Don't Have to Love; Lua; Four Winds
Ricochet!; Rainy Monday; Rocketship 2010
Nothing to Worry About; Let's Call it Off; Young Folks
Little Bones; In View; New Orleans is Sinking
Helicopter; Two More Years; The Prayer
Helplessness Blues; White Winter Hymnal; Mykonos
Money City Maniacs; Everything You've Done Wrong; Underwhelmed
Little Lion Man; Winter Winds; The Cave
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is; Cold Hard Bitch; Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Japanese to English; San Geronimo; Grace Cathedral Park
Web In Front; All Hail the Black Market; Harnessed in Slums
Big Bang Baby; Plush; Interstate Love Song
The Book of Love; I Think I Need a New Heart; 100,000 Fireflies
Everything's Magic; Hallucinations; The Adventure
Runaway Train; Misery; Somebody to Shove
Downloading Porn with Davo; Who's Got the Crack; Anyone Else but You
History; The Drugs Don't Work; Bitter Sweet Symphony
Cancer for the Cure; I'm Going to Stop Pretending I Didn't Break Your Heart; Novocain for the Soul
Red and Purple; Black Night; Fables
Broken; Country Song; Fake It
1983; Everybody Talks; Animal
Ride; Get Free; Highly Evolved
Happiness in Slavery; Head Like a Hole; Every Day is Exactly the Same
Hysteria; Butterflies and Hurricanes; Starlight
Debaser; Where Is My Mind?; Here Comes Your Man
Right Here; So Far Away; It's Been Awhile
Broken Heart; Soul on Fire; Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
Just Like Honey; Blues from a Gun; April Skies
Drain You; All Apologies; Lithium
Wax Simulacra; L'Via L'Viaquez; Cotopaxi
For You, and Your Denial; Lights and Sounds; Ocean Avenue
My Sacrifice; With Arms Wide Open; Higher
The Land of Rape and Honey; Jesus Built My Hotrod; Thieves
Here Without You; Kryptonite; It's Not My Time
Ladykillers; De-Luxe; Sweetness and Light
Evil; Say Hello to the Angels; Obstacle 1
Echoes; Gravity's Rainbow; Golden Skans
Crystalised; Islands; VCR
#1 Crush; Stupid Girl; I Think I'm Paranoid
In The End; Numb; Waiting for the End
Lump; Peaches; Mach 5
Fa Fa; Amsterdam; Careful
The Beautiful People; The Dope Show; mOBSCENE
Come Original; Creatures (For a While); Down
King of the Beach; When Will You Come?; Take on the World
All My Friends; Drunk Girls; Losing My Edge
The '59 Sound; American Slang; Great Expectations
Common People; Disco 2000; Help the Aged
Famous Last Words; I'm Not Okay (I Promise); Cancer
The International Tweexcore Underground; You! Me! Dancing!; There Are Listed Buildings
In the Sun; Thieves; Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
The One I Love; Shiny Happy People; Everybody Hurts
Andres; Everglade; Pretend We're Dead
Metal Detektor; The Way We Get By; Don't Make Me a Target
Indian Summer; Bewitched; Out Secret
A-Punk; White Sky; Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Comeback Kid; Infinity Guitars; Tell 'Em
Vindicated; Screaming Infidelities; Hands Down
The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton; Going to Georgia; Minnesota
Mountain Song; Been Caught Stealing; Irresistible Force
Sugar, We're Going Down; Thnks Fr th Mmrs; I Don't Care
Teardrop; Unfinished Symphony; Karmacoma
Believe E.S.P.; Offend Maggie; Super Duper Rescue Heads!
Gold Soundz; Summer Babe (Winter Version); Cut Your Hair
Svefn-g-englar; Gobbledigook; Hoppípolla
Academy Fight Song; Einstein's Day; OK/No Way
Romantic Rights; Blood on Our Hands; Black History Month
Come On Let's Go; America's Boy; Colour Me In
Rooster; Man in the Box; Them Bones
No Wow; Satellite; U.R.A. Fever
She Bangs the Drum; Love Spreads; Fools Gold
The Freed Pig; Gimme Indie Rock; Rebound
Munich; Blood; Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors
Live Forever; Champagne Supernova; Lyla
Martell; Hey Scenesters!; Men's Needs
DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake; Direct Hit; Formed a Band
Like A Stone; Be Yourself; Original Fire
Cue the Strings; Sunflower; Dinosaur Act
Where's Summer B.?; Brick; Army
Polish Girl; Deadbeat Summer; 6669 (I Don't Know If You Know)
We're All in Love; Beat the Devil's Tattoo; Love Burns
Jordan, Minnesota; Bad Penny; Kerosene
The Boy with the Arab Strap; If You're Feeling Sinister; Legal Man
There Goes the Fear; Kingdom of Rust; The Cedar Room
Second Chance; Save Me; If You Only Knew
El Scorcho; We Are All on Drugs; Say It Ain't So
Mistaken for Strangers; Lit Up; Buzzblood Ohio
Helicon 2; Friend of the Night; [Band Name] Fear Satan
Miserable; Lipstick and Bruises; My Own Worst Enemy
Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse; Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games; Spike the Senses
Action & Action; Sympathy; Ten Minutes
Congratulations; Time to Pretend; Electric Feel
Blue Flower; Fade Into You; Flowers in December
Jumper; Never Let You Go; Semi-Charmed Life
Bigmouth Strikes Again; Panic; William, It Was Really Nothing
Thrash Unreal; Stop!; I Was A Teenage Anarchist
Only Shallow; Feed Me With Your Kiss; To Here Knows When
Down by the Water; The Mariner's Revenge Song; O Valencia!
Scar Tissue; Give It Away; Snow (Hey Oh)
Get Your Hands Off My Woman; One Way Ticket; I Believe in a Thing Called Love
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea; Holland, 1945; Oh Comely
Love Like Blood; Follow the Leaders; Pandemonium
Tidal Wave; The Bird That You Can't See; Strawberryfire
Midlife Crisis; Epic; Digging the Grave
Run (I'm a Natural Disaster); Smiley Faces; Crazy
The Dethbridge in Lethbridge; Drain the Blood; Tornado '87
Naïve; Junk of the Heart (Happy); Always Where I Need to Be
Chelsea Dagger; Look Out Sunshine!; Flathead
Vapour Trail; Leave Them All Behind; Black Nite Crash
Kangaroo; Song to the Siren; Waves Become Wings
Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off; Nine in the Afternoon; C'mon
Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken; My Maudlin Career; Eighties Fan
Shadow People; The Rabbit, the Bat, and the Reindeer, The World May Never Know
Art is Hard; After the Movies; The Martyr
Who Was In My Room Last Night?; Pepper; Lady Sniff
Knife; While You Wait for the Others; Two Weeks
Decode; The Only Exception; That's What You Get
B.Y.O.B.; Hypnotize; Chop Suey!
Hang You From the Heavens; Die by the Drop; Treat Me Like Your Mother
Chips Ahoy!; Sequestered in Memphis; Hurricane J
36 Degrees; Pure Morning; Every You Every Me
Divine Hammer; Cannonball; Saints
Everything in Its Right Place; Jigsaw Falling Into Place; Paranoid Android
Never Miss A Beat; I Predict A Riot; Ruby
Lonely Boy; 10 A.M. Automatic; Tighten Up
Civilization; D.A.N.C.E.; DVNO
Mother We Just Can't Get Enough; You Get What You Give; Someday We'll Know
Shadowplay; Isolation; Love Will Tear Us Apart
I Will Possess Your Heart; The Sound of Settling; Meet Me on the Equinox
Country Girl; Loaded; Rocks
Touch Me I'm Sick; Suck You Dry; Let It Slide
Young Livers; Lipstick; On A Rope
Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies; That Golden Rule; Glitter and Trauma
Starseed; Clumsy; One Man Army
Smile Like You Mean It; Read My Mind; Spaceman
Light & Day; Hold Me Now; The Fragile Army
Tick Tick Boom; Main Offender; Hate to Say I Told You So
Elephant Gun; Nantes; Postcards from Italy
Zebra; Used to Be; Gila
Yesterday's News; 16 Days; Don't Be Sad
Brian Wilson; One Week; If I Had $1000000
Ready to Start; Keep the Car Running; Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
Machinehead; Swallowed; The Chemicals Between Us
Keen on Boys; Pulling Our Weight; Heaven's On Fire
Hanging by a Moment; You and Me; First Time
But Anyway; Run-Around; Canadian Rose
A Design For Life; Revol; Motown Junk
Lust for Life; Vomit; Hellhole Ratrace
Nothing Ever Happened; Vox Celeste; Memory Boy
The Leaving Song Pt. II; The Days of the Phoenix; Love Like Winter
Pressure Point; Valerie; Always Right Behind You
I'm A Believer; Walkin' on the Sun; All Star
Disarm; Cherub Rock; 1979
What Do You Want Me to Say?; The Jitters; The Ice of Boston
Country House; Charmless Man; Beetlebum
Unsatisfied; Here Comes a Regular; Alex Chilton
I Believe In You; Ascension Day; Such a Shame
Wolf Like Me; Will Do; Golden Age
Buck Rogers; Tumble and Fall; Just the Way I'm Feeling
Holiday; 21 Guns; Longview
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight; We Will Become Silhouettes; Such Great Heights
Fear and Loathing in Mahwah, NJ; A More Perfect Union; The Battle of Hampton Roads
Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp; The Dark Is Rising; Everlasting Arm
Bombtrack; Testify; Renegades of Funk
Closing Time; Secret Smile; Singing in My Sleep
Heads Will Roll; Maps; Cheated Hearts
Beautiful Ones; Animal Nitrate; Trash
All Mine; Sour Times; Machine Gun
Black & Blue; Silvia; Paddling Out
Do the Whirlwind; Heart It Races; That Beep
Lazy Eye; Panic Switch; The Royal We
Sex with an X; Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam; Dum-Dum
I Am a Scientist; Bulldog Skin; Hardcore UFOs
From Yesterday; Kings and Queens; Closer to the Edge
Tugboat; Blue Thunder; Fourth of July
Split Myself In Two; Plateau; Backwater
Waiting Room; Furniture + 2; Repeater
Underdog; Empire; Club Foot
Gravity Rides Everything; Missed the Boat; Float On
Sex on Fire; Taper Jean Girl; Pyro
Santa Monica; I Will Buy You a New Life; Everything to Everyone
Eye of Fatima, Part 1; Pictures of Matchstick Men; Take the Skinheads Bowling
Possum Kingdom; Away; Tyler
Why Did We Ever Meet; Red & Blue Jeans; Make Me A Mix Tape
Kool Thing; Teen Age Riot; 100%
The Bartender and the Thief; Dakota; Handbags and Gladrags
Icky Thump; Fell in Love with a Girl; The Hardest Button to Button
Antennas to Heaven; The Dead Flag Blues (Intro); Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls
0078h; Graveyard Girl: Midnight City
New Day Rising; Turn on the News; Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely
Mr. Jones; Accidentally In Love; Mrs. Potter's Lullaby
Not Your Year; Vegas Baby; Add My Effort
You; Far Behind; It's Alright
Date Rape; Doin' Time; Santeria
Chick Lit; Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt; After Hours
Is It Any Wonder?; Somewhere Only We Know; Spiralling

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