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System in a market economy which operates with private businesses able to operate for a profit with limited government intervention.
“Father” of capitalism, free enterprise, and his thoughts discussed the “invisible hand”.
A formal court order.
After selling his steel company this person gave most of his money to charity.
Consolidated many short line railroads in the Northeast part of the U.S.
Person who risk their capital to organize and run a business.
A necessity because supply exceeded consumer demand
Founder of Standard Oil
Believed that workers would revolt against employers and overthrow government, leaving a communist society.
People that were considered 'troublemakers,' and companies did not hire from this group.
Improved the sewing machine.
Wealthy investment banker, who formed U.S. Steel and loaned the U.S. government
Where the transcontinental met.
When the cost of manufacturing is decreased by producing goods quickly in large quantities.
Invented the telephone
Huge networks of business that use the principle of economies of scale.
RFD stand for
When a single company achieves control of an entire market.
Where the supply and demand curves intersect.
Drilled the first oil well in Pennsylvania.
Nickname of the International Workers of the World
The railroad company built the transcontinental railroad from Omaha
When a third party (not involved in the dispute) helps workers and employers reach an agreement.
Combining the steps involved in turning raw material into a finished product.
Immigrants from here built the Central Pacific.
He came up with a process that made high-quality steel cheaper and more efficiently.
Government payments to businesses (examples -free land, tax breaks)
Nickname given to corrupt railroad owners.

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