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The first telephone book was published in this state in 1878 (it only had 50 names)
Only state to consist entirely of two peninsulas
Has the oldest state university in the country
The only state without a McDonald's in its capital
The first state to secede from the Union prior to the Civil War
The only place in the world where six-pointed star garnets can be found
The tallest building in North America is located in this state
The only state where prostitution is legal
Home to Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the US
The only state bordering just one other state
The geographic center of the contiguous US is located in this state
Has two official languages--English and Spanish
The smallest state in the US
The only state where diamonds have been mined
Has the largest steel producing company in the US and a former second-largest steel producer
The only state boredered by three different rivers on three sides
Covers an area larger than any other state
Has an official state photograph
Has political subdivisions called 'parishes'
Gatorade was developed in this state for the University football team
The most populated city in the US is found in this state
The largest state east of the Mississippi River (by total land area)
Has the only state capitol building with five separate domes
Has a United States military service academy in its capital
Has both rainforests and deserts
Has the most MLB teams (5)
The only state to be formed by seceding from a Confederate State
The only state without a naval ship named after it
Has the shortest coastline of any state bordering an ocean
David Letterman was born in this state
The only state where biology textbooks contain a warning sticker stating evolution is a controversial theory
Has a state flag not shaped like a rectangle
The first state to ratify the Constitution
Home of the College Baseball World Series
Home to more US presidents than any other state
The last state admitted into the Union
Has the largest beer producing plant in the nation, the Anheuser-Busch brewery
First subway system was built in this state in 1897
The cleanest city in the US, also the setting of a 1996 Coen Brothers horror film, is the largest city in this state
Home of the newest relocated team in the NBA
The theme park Six Flags was named for the six countries' flags that have flown over this state
The only state to turn down an offer to host the Olympics
Home to one of the birthplaces of blues and rock and roll, the state where Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis all began their careers
Has the largest area of protected mixed grass prairie in the US in Badlands National Park
Home to the only football team owned by shareholders statewide and its football team is located in a smaller city than any other NFL team
Has the highest rate of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes of any state
The most densely populated state
The most religiously homogeneous state in the US, containing almost 60% Mormons
Has the world's largest solar telescope
The first territorial legislature to grant women suffrage

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