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Can you name the colleges by the origin of their names?

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The name, which means 'crossing by the hamlet', comes from the Bronx neighborhood the original Rose Hill campus was located
Named because of the New England state it is located in, the most populous in the New England region, and the primary study at the institute
University bears the name of the railroad its founder named the school after. It is also the name of the Pennsylvania valley it is located in and a river that runs through the vall
This name, which is shared by several Jesuit colleges in different cities, is in honor of the founder of the Society of Jesus
The name of this university refers to the city in which it is located, a city that spans over the river Cam
Shares the name of an early United States territory which included the location of this university, on the shore of Lake Michigan
Named after reigning monarchs of Britain at the time of chartering in 1693
Namesake of the school was a President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and founder of Salt Lake City
This oldest surviving English speaking university comes from the name of the city and county it is located in, which were named for the area where the oxen could cross the river
Named for a businessman who left his fortune to found this university. His last name is also an important staple crop for most of the world
This Ivy League school takes its name from a New Jersey city
Named after the founding father of Texas
Bears the name of its capital city neighborhood, which was in turn named for a British monarch
The name of this university, founded in 1880, comes from the state it is located in, the most populous in the US, and its cardinal direction location in this state
Founded by a Governor of California, who was also a railroad tycoon and senator
Bears the name of the first president of the United States
The name of this public university comes from the name of the capital of Idaho
Named for man who founded oldest institution of higher learning in the United States
Its name comes from the word denoting people or things from the United States
Origin of the name comes from the Grace Baptist Church in Pennsylvania, the location Russell Conwell taught workers at night, the beginning of the school.

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