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A system that used multiple data channels, and so bandwidth is shared between various senders and receivers
A system that can only use a single data channel to send data, and so bandwidth is temporarily dedicated between one sender and one receiver at all times.
The number of bits transmitted per second
The time between an action being initiated and the first effect of the action being observed
The range of signal frequencies a medium may transmit without the signal strength being too badly diminished.
Method of data transmission used over short distances, ie. computer to printer, as it is hard to keep voltages in line with each other for too long, and is expensive to run.
Data transmission where bits are sent down a wire one after another
Method of data transmission used for long-distance communications as it only needs one signal pathway each way, making it easy to regenerate the signal.
Method of data transmission where bits are sent down several wires simultaneously
Bit sent 'to wake the receiver up'
The frequency at which a computer signal may change
Method of data transmission used with USB memory sticks and network crossover cables
Bit sent to tell the receiver that the current set of bits being sent is completed
Data transmission where the transmitter and receiver are not kept synchronised
When data is sent through physical means, ie. wires
Unit of bandwidth
Moving data from one place to another
When data is sent through the air or vacuums by varing frequency of waves

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