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Theory that you change your behaviour based on other people's behaviour
How long can psychodynamic therapy take?
What therapies were more effective than the placebo treatment in Elkin's study?
BONUS QUESTION! Who's the best person in 12W?
Who found that having psydynamic treatment can be worse than having no treatment at all?
'Sometimes a cigar is just a...'
CBT is better than psychotherapy in what way?
What percentage of depressed people respond to a placebo treatment?
What do MAOIs react very badly with?
A cause of Schizophrenia: The neurotransmitters produce
Placebo effect was found in ...% of patients in Elkin's study
There are anecdotal links between use of prozac and
Chlorpromazine works by shitting on some of the dopamine receptors, so dopamine can't get into those receptors, stopping schizophrenia. True or False?
ECT can treat...
Where you get better because you think you are being treated
When negative thoughts are actually realistic, a problem in cognitive therapy
A criticism of the term 'schemata'; it's very...
Looked at 295 patients with social anxiety
Across all groups in Elkin's experiment, what percentage of patients did not respond to therapy at all?
What do drug treatments of depression raise levels of in the brain?
Behavioural Therapy where you are exposed inescapably to your greatest fear. Gutted!
Ethical issue over using drugs in studies related to treating abnormality?
One drug used to treat depression which started to be used in the 60s
Drugs and CBT were ... effective in treating social anxiety in Davidson's study
Drugs DO NOT cure...
A frontal lobotomy was used to treat...
Schizophrenia drug treatment first used in 1950s
Refers to systematically damaging the brain in order to change behaviour, eg. frontal lobotomy
Therapy; you lay down and talk about your childhood to a psychologist. Cliche psychology.
A cause of Schizophrenia: The dopamine receptors are...
Does a Token Economy change instead of the abnormality itself?
Placebo effect in Davidson's study?
A form of behaviour modification often used n psychiatric hospitals - if you do something good, you get a token, and you can save up those tokens for something
Term that means to reduce a human to very simple ideas
Therapy; Freud described it as 'the royal road to the unconscious'.
What was just about the most effective therapy in Elkin's study
Which behavioural therapy can lead to fear and anxiety?
What percentage of depressed people respond to drug treatment?
Does psychosurgery actually treat symptoms/the cause?
Beck's therapy (it's very similar to this hint)
Behavioural Therapy where you gradually get used to a fearful situation - basically the opposite of classical conditioning
Issues on testing therapies: aka Personal Factors
Percentage wise, how effective are drugs on patients?
Low levels of what cause depression?
Ethical Issue on drug treatment
Symptoms that ADD something to your personality, eg. delusions/hallucinations
Ellis' cognitive therapy
Issues on testing therapies: You need to be able to ... people's level of abnormality
One drug used to treat depression which started being used in the 60s
Success rates of behavioural therapy are high, but what's the best one?
Drugs DO suppress...
Methods from other theories that may be used in cognitive therapy, eg. setting goals
Therapy: Includes rorschach tests.
What percentage of patients in Davidson's study didn't respond to treatment?
In your dreams, you unconsciously want to hurt someone but this is too horrific to show, so you hurt a dog instead
What do cupboards, ships and other open spaces represent in dreams?
New drug used for depression in the 1990s
Behaviour CBT is sometimes not so effective with
Is CBT sometimes more effective than drugs for treatment of depression and anxiety?
Success rate of behavioural therapy in arachnophobia?
What does behavioural therapy make no attempt to target?
Involves passing a small electric current through the brain
What do knifes and other prodding things in dreams represent?
Drug used to treat Schizophrenia first used in the 90s
Behavioural Therapy where you associate a bad acton with a bad stimulus. Used on homosexuals in 1950s.
You get this if you overdose on Chlorpromazine
Symptoms that REMOVE something from your personality, eg. reality
Issues on testing therapies: you are toying around with people's...
The REBT is more... than Beck's therapy
A cause of Schizophrenia: Too many receptors...
Side effect of Clozapine
Evolves from Bellsprout
Got 240 patients and tested different methods of therapies on them.
Symptom of depression
Chlorpromazine works by sitting on some of the dopamine receptors, so dopamine can't get into those receptors, stopping schizophrenia. True or False?
What can tricyclics cause when used in the long term?
Part of cognitive therapy, where your thoughts are compared with reality
Does psychodynamic therapy help disorders like schizophrenia?
ECT is effective in ...% of cases of severe depression when other treatments have failed

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