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Example: 'A dog's coat colour does not influence its obedience'
Type of data you get from surveys; very to throw on a graph
Asking people for information using written methods, ie. questionnaires
Advantage of Natural Experiment
The thing you change
Example: 'A dog's coat colour influences its obedience'
The procedure where only the participants do not know the hypothesis or condition of the study
ETHICS: Cameron
A precise, testable statement about the expected outcome of the investigation
Asking people for information using verbal methods
Where the researcher samples anyone they can, ie. questionnaires down the high street
The IV is not manipulated. No random allocation to conditions.
The researcher joins in the group they are studying
The participants are not aware they are being watched. Stalkers :)
The same participants are used in both conditions
A study has this validity if the outcome is the result of the variables manipulated in the study
Part of qualitative analysis; only presents the data in verbal form.
How much findings can be generalised to other settings.
Disadvantage of correlation
Participants are 'matched up' and do separate conditions
Things that might affect the outcome of the experiment that you do not control
ETHICS: Peasants
The process of devising a way of measuring a variable
Example: 'What do you think of this quiz?'
ETHICS: Destroy
Disadvantage of Field Experiment
The IV is directly manipulated, all extraneous variables are controlled.
How much findings can be generalised to other people
Bad Thing about Volunteer Sampling
When the researcher unintentionally affects the results
Evolves from Bellsprout
How much findings can be generalised
Where the researcher puts an ad out, and people come forward for the study
The procedure where both the participants and the research assistant do not know the hypothesis or the conditions of the study.
Disadvantage of Natural Experiment
The simplest measure of dispersion
Part of qualitative analysis; the researcher identifies a theme and counts how many times it occurs. Basically converts qualitative data to quantitative data
Disadvantage of questionnaires; you write an untrue answer because you don't want to seem bad
The thing affected by what you change
Any hypothesis that is not the null hypothesis
The researcher notes down all behaviours in the study and reviews them later on.
ETHICS: Working
Type of data you get from interviews and case studies; give more information
What the participant may show if they work out the hypothesis of the study
Validity a study has if the results of future studies agree with it
Disadvantage of Lab Experiment
Participants are randomly allocated to a condition
The IV is manipulated but extraneous variables are not.
Good thing about Random Sampling
A measure of central tendancy
Bad thing about Opportunity Sampling
A general statement about the purpose of the investigation
Validity a study has if its results agree with results of previous studies
The participants are aware they are being observed. Think Years 7-9 Games showers
An in-depth study on a specific group of people (or just the one).
Validity a study has if it looks like it makes sense
ETHICS: Doesn't
The researcher decides exactly what behaviours they will observe
Advantage of Lab Experiment
The group of participants who do not receive the experimental treatment
Advantage of correlation
Example: 'If a dog has a lighter coat, it will be more obedient'
The researcher makes observations from outside the group being studied
Where every member of the target population has an equal chance of selection
Bonus question! Qualitatively, how many neutrons in the brain?
A test study
Measures how widely spread the values in a data set are around the mean
Example: 'Do you think this quiz is good?'
Advantage of Field Experiment

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