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Forced Order
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Did tests with a fluffy white rat
Gave a number of symptoms of FFA
An unacceptible drive eg. hate is moved from one target to a more socially acceptible one.
The part of personality where we try to balance our wants with moral rules
The 'A' of the ABC Model
Taking unacceptible qualities and feelngs and projecting them on to other people - eg. if you dislike someone, you believe that they dislike you to make yourself feel better.
Where traumatic experiences with one thing leads to a fear response to the general situation (Lil Al felt it)
Came up with the Negative Triad
A biological method of classifying abnormality
What attribution is this? 'Nothing will ever change'
The percentage chance that if one identical twin gets an eating disorder, the other will too.
The percentage chance that if one non-identical twin gets an eating disorder, the other will too
Suggested Biological Preparedness
Learning by observation of others' behaviour
Biggest disorders drugs can't treat?
Something that probably affected the twins' eating disorders
Left part of negative triad
Where your behaviour does not show ideal mental health
The part of personality where we behave based on what we want, selfishly.
Causes the Biological Approach states of Abnormality
You refuse to accept something has happened, to avoid the stress and anxiety.
Came up with the ABC Model
Sexual/Instinctual energy
Type of experiment Watson and Rayner did
The five stages of psychosexual approach - (separate each with a comma)
The most common environmental factor that contributes to abnormality, showing biology is not all there is in abnormality
Explained by Vicarious Learning/Social Learning Theory
Top part of negative triad
Where your behaviour is not normal
Did experiments with boxes and rats and pigeons.
Threatening impulses are pushed into the unconscious so we are not aware of them. These emerge as abnormalities
Right part of negative triad
Did a test on Vicarious Learning
The percentage chance that anyone will get an eating disorder
Evolves from Bellsprout
Where did Freud live most of his life?
Low levels of this neurotransmitter causes depression
What negative schemata leads to
Did experiments on doggies
Conditioning where you make a choice to behave a certain way to get a reward or avoid punishment
Came up with DIMH
A factor to whether we imitate others' behaviour
Explains why you develop phobias if you've never had a traumatic experience with them
The 'B' of the ABC Model
What century did Freud live in?
What attribution is this? 'Everything is my fault'
Where your behaviour is unpredictable, causes observer discomfort, etc
Looked at twins with eating disorders
High levels of this neurotransmitter causes schizophrenia
The 'C' of the ABC Model
What attribution is this? 'Everything is bad'
The result of our internalisation of our parents' morals and guilt
The conditioning where responses are automatic
How many children did Freud study?

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