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The ......... octets of an IP address generally specify the network
Organisation where files are stored as consecutively numbered blocks
In mail exchange, there can be ...... ....... between the sending server and the receiving server.
Virtual System provides...
TCP/IP model: The Internet layer wraps a packet in an ...... and sends/receives it
Disadvantage of Packet Switching
The validity time of a DNS reply is...
The ARPA network is now worldwide, with ........ being a major driver
Nodes in a network may include...
TCP/IP model: The protocol used decides what to do with the...
As transfer of mail relies on a number of servers, there can be...
The software that contacts the name server to get name resolution is the...
The function where the current file position is altered
Backup which is a complete copy of the file system
Easy to alter ....... in File Map Organisaton
Mail logging assists in determining the load for ....
SMTP protocol exchanges such be .......
Name Servers are generally contacted on port ..., usually using the ... protocol
We can say that users prefer ........ names instead of IP addresses
TCP/IP model: The UDP sends in...
Where OS is one program and difficult to maintain
A file system can suffer damage from...
A machine that transfers packets between networks
A filing system must provide a...
Protocol used by Transport layer
The last octet of an IP address generally specifies the...
Backup which makes a backup for files when a current backup doesn't exist
A reason to network
......... is a problem with contiguous organisation, as it leaves little space for files
Typical logged items in mail logging include...
TCP/IP model: Handles communication from one host to another
A backup needs to be able to be run on an... so it can be used while the system is in use.
Message carries a log of servers it has passed through
Mail logging is sometimes a...
Contiguous organisation is cheap in...
A message consists of a ... and a ....
A complete backup takes a long ..... and lots of ......
TCP/IP model: The TCP sends in...
Contains the critical code
TCP/IP model: If a datagram does not fit in a physical frame, it is...
Part of the Kernel: allows process start-up and switching
A filing system must allow for creation, ..... and ..... of files
Contains the size of the virtual machine
Part of the Kernel: used if there is an interrupt, saves hardware state.
More than one process competes for an unshareable resource
Where several processes are active at the same time
Real address =...
A network where the non-network part is all ones is called a...
A filing system must be...
The shortcomings of mail transfer mean we don't use it for anything...
Packets are sent across the network
Model for communication
Protocols are defined by the...
TCP/IP model: The Transport Layer model that is UNRELIABLE
First part of an SMTP status message
A backup system needs to be...
Ideas for communication are known as...
IP addresses are generally assigned by .......
If the application server is using TCP and receives a stream, it may ....... for the length of the communication
In small networks, when sending packets, they are generally just sent to the...
File directories contain...
Disadvantage of Circuit Switching
TCP/IP model: The physical network interface
TCP/IP model: The data is split into ...... which are then sent inside IP datagram
Header consists of fields formatted as ......:.....
Activities that the OS performs
TCP/IP model: The Transport Layer model protocol that is RELIABLE
TCP/IP model: As the IP datagram itself remains the same format, there is...
In File Map Organisation, you need to read through the whole map to find the...
Pneumonic for the ISO7 Layer model
If the PTE changes, the TLB becomes...
Third type of OS
TCP/IP model: Headers of hardware packets include....
Programs are provided with whatever memory they need
The typical access permissions: R/W/E/D
Before the connection, there is a physical end to end pathway established used for the whole connection
TCP/IP model: Used by the transport layer to specify where the packet is headed
TCP/IP model: In the hardware layer, whatever is passed from the layer above is wrapped with a...
We can assume that a storage system consists of a sequence of ....... for laying out files.
Number of Software layers in the TCP/IP model
The function used to obtain data from a file
The contents of BASE and LIMITS are stored in...
The entire global directory of names is essentially a...
Names are mapped to IP addresses using...
Where OS contains roughly equal modules communicating with each other
In Paging, virtual memory is divided into pieces of the same size stored in the page frames, known as...
Application level protocols ensure that applications will...
TCP/IP model: The UDP uses...
First type of OS
TCP/IP model: With the TCP, there is no need to implement...
Helps deal with Input/Output devices
Accepts incoming mail and either delivers or forwards it
Destination sometimes has to ..... packets
A process requires another process to have reached a certain point in execution in order to continue.
TCP/IP model: With the TCP, the header also contains a ....... number
The field practically all mail servers add to mail
When sending a packet, if its IP address is not in the same network as the current one, the ...... needs to be consulted.
TCP/IP model: the address used by the software
The TCP/IP model is essentially a ...... layer model
Backup which contains all files changed/created since the last complete backup
A set of agreed rules to allow nodes to communicate to each other in an unambiguous manner
The amount of memory the hardware can support
A filing system may be on a variety on media, but most commonly on...
Connects physical networks so they operate as a co-ordinated uni
ISO7 Layer: Provides end to end transmission of packets
If we do not know how to deliver a datagram using the routing table...
TCP is used for ...... data transfer
TCP/IP model: The TCP uses...
UDP is usually used for ..... data transfer
Name servers are separated .... in case of power failure
ISO7 Layer: Splits data into packets and reassembles them
In mail exchange, the client can be the same machine as...
Protocol used to send mail
Second type of OS
,,,,,,,,-,, is supplied by the ..... mail server in the chain, allowing the message to be traced.
Disadvantage of Smarthost
Second digit of an SMTP status message number
TCP/IP model: Provides communication from one application program to another
Example of General purpose OS
Third part of an SMTP status message
Packet Switching usually includes an ...... to check all is ok
TCP/IP model; The address used by the hardware
Benefit of Smarthost
TCP/IP model: Users use application programs to access available services
If mail is delivered to ISP, they store it in one or more maildrops
The early stages of mail tracing can be...
Allocated to a process: contains priority, resources used, etc
TCP/IP model: The hardware layer works in ..... whose format depends on the hardware in use
A block of data, plus routing information
Model of SMTP: Client sends all mail to one SMTP server, which then operates as direct connection
Used by the OS to keep speed as though there wasn't a paging system; similar to a cache
Part of the Kernel that varies based on different hardware
Directories are arranged in...
ISO7 Layer: Provides guarranteed delivery for packets
Field names for mail headers are generally defined in the ....
Model of SMTP: Client sends mail directly to recipient's SMTP if they have one; otherwise, it goes to a maildrop area of the ISP.
The function which flushes any partially filled buffers when writing
Generated by the hardware when a reference is made to a page not in the page frame.
TCP streams contain ...... of octets
The typical user group system: U/G/W
A reply (entry in table) can be ....... for quicker access
The name server which gets updated is the...
The function where data is sent to a file
A process needs enough consecutive memory spaces to be executed/shared
TCP/IP model: The physical address of the destination host used by the Hardware layer; a 48 bit value
TCP/IP model: Passes data to or from the transport layer
A record of all mail passing through the server is kept
Continuing development on the Internet is overseen by the...
Paging provides a...
The virtual memory not stored in page frames is stored in a...
We can say that an IP address is a ..... level name
Contains the real address corresponding to Virtual Address 0 for the current process
The maximum size of the Virtual Machine
Number of hardware layers in the TCP/IP model
Provide the service of Domain Name Service
TCP/IP model: The UDP uses ....... to transport messages between machines
Something that allows data stored in one computer to be passed to another.
Protocol used by Network layer
Benefit of Circuit Switching
Where a file system is scanned alongside the free file list for cross allocation, and lost free blocks are reclaimed
TCP/IP model: Accepts IP datagrams, transmits over a specific network, and receives similarly
TCP/IP model: Contains the programs that actually do the work
UDP messages contain ..... of octets
First digit of an SMTP status message number
Second part of an SMTP status message
Core of a client-server OS
Mapping information of a file name to its actual file
The set of IP addresses reserved for special cases where a datagram is sent to multiple hosts
The specified recipients/sender of an SMTP exchange don't have to match the ones in the ...... and ..... lines in the actual message
What would be sent to get the name of
Operation System provides...
Normal IP addresses are called...
In Paging, real memory is divided into...
Contiguous organisation retrieval information consists of ..... and ...
ISO7 Layers: Concerned with getting bits between nodes
When the host looks up the name associated with an IP address
Spammers often use a ...... as spam filter is lighter
The function used to gain access to a file
Where OS is made of layered modules
Virtual addresses are split into two things...
File layout system where files are stored in any available blocks, with pointers to the next block for the file; kind of like linked lists.

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