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in invader zim what is his robots name
in megas XLR how much was the robot bought for
in fosters home for imaginary friends who was created by madame fosters
in south park which character dies the most
in my life as a teenage robot who created XJ-9
in ed, edd 'n' eddie how much did jawbreakers cost
in futurama what is the soft drink of choice
in code lyoko what is the computer program called
in the power puff girls who was the main antagonist
in teen titans who is the leader
in ben ten what is his watch called
in robot boy who is robotboys evil brother
in my little pony what are the lead characters referred as
in spongebob squarepants what is his bosses name
in the simpsons what is the beer of choice
in adventure time which character is often reffered to as PB

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