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Can you name the QUESTIONS to these difficult Family Guy ANSWERS (Jeopardy style)?

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AnswerWhat is/Who is...Episode
Watch out for this audacious, easy-going former official, who happens to be the only person that both Peter and Lois have slept with.
It is missing from the following group: davenport, chesterfield, divan...
When Peter has trouble figuring out what he could possibly become famous for, Cleveland suggests he fall off of a roof and land on this popular actress.
In the episode 'Meet the Quagmires,' the band, including Brian, begins to play this song just before Peter attempt to win Lois back from Quagmire.
Peter expresses his discontent with the fact that this controversial effort is not currently being funded by the government of Quahog.
Brian's novel, 'Faster Than the Speed of Love' is finally published, but only after he endorses a campaign against this.
In the episode, 'German Guy,' this courageous and enamored neighbor rescues Chris and Peter from Franz's basement.
Peter isn't the best communicator, and it shows in the episode 'Play it Again, Brian,' when he stands Lois up to go fishing, go whale hunting, and almost (but not quite) go do this
AnswerWhat is/Who is...Episode
While he's supposed to be babysitting, Peter invites Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland over to play Truth or Dare. When Quagmire says, 'truth,' Peter asks him if he has this
Meg tells the family about her high school's peculiar performance of this famous play, in whch she and her fellow actors danced around the stage with sparklers at the end.
On their way to New York, the Griffins stop by a Native American casino to ask for directions, where Lois develops a short-lived, but costly addiction to this exhilarating game
Peter is forced to get a vasectomy after losing to Lois in a race to this northeastern landmark and attraction.
When Peter and Lois decide to take a vacation to reignite the flame in their love life, Brian, not knowing how else to entertain the kids, reads them the novel form of this movie
After a desperate situation at a prison turns into a record deal for the Griffins' newly-formed pop group, the band is named this (with extended support from 'Dr. Diddy', himself!)
According to the song, 'Friendship (Is the Best Thing Ever),' sang by Stewie and Miley Cyrus, this is 'a lot' better than friendship.

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