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QUIZ: Can you name the correct words that contain the letters 'ph' somewhere in the word?

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A widespread disaster or tragedy
A process that plants use to live
Food passes through this before entering your stomach
Just call me 'Steve'
An archipelago Republic in the Pacific
In school, students often line up
Popular communication device
Mixture of gravel, and crushed rock used for paving
You probably made a lot of these in math class
This substance is used to reduce fever, relieve headaches and pain
The city of Brotherly Love (2x PH)
Investigation of the truth of being, knowledge, or conduct (2x PH)
A flaky, thin-layered dough used in pastries/appetizers
The technical term for making motion-pictures
Toad, Frog, Sallamander, Newts...
A small hole to look through OR An opportunity of evading a rule, law, etc
Just call me 'Joe'
My brother's son
Little _______ Annie

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