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Name Iron Maiden's fans famous slogan.
Name the member of Guns n' Roses know as 'Mr. Invisible'
Name the member of Black Sabbath with four fingures
Where did James Hetfield catch on fire?
Who was Metallica's original guitarist?
What was Pantera's original genre of choice?
What was Paul Di'Anno's last album (LP) with Iron Maiden?
Name the Judas Priest song that caused the subliminal message trial in Nevada?
What was the name of the song that PETA tried to get Judas Priest to change the song title?
Who is widely accredited with 'raising the horns' for one of the first times in metal in 1971?
Where was the air guitar first popularized in metal?
What member of Testament is now an antiques dealer?
What 1983 pop hit featured Eddie Van Halen on guitar?
Name Ronnie James Dio's first band.
Who murdered the Mayhem guitarist Øystein Aarseth?
What band originally did the song 'Black Magic Woman?'
Who used the alias Jimmy James?
Who is 'Candle in the Wind' by Elton John about?
Name the Def Leppard member with one arm.
Who was Sweet Child of Mine about?
Name a famous Joe Satriani pupil
Name the fist rock and rap partnership
Name the Sex Pistol Member that played for Siouxsie and the Banshees
What frontman made an appearance in the movie 'Wayne's World?'
Name Slayer's original drummer
Name Children of Bodom's original name
Name the two bands that the Bad Company members originally came from
Who had the alias Elston Gunn?
Name the band that contributed music to the movie Flash Gordon?
Where did Janis Joplin Die?

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