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What nickname does Kimmy call both Stephanie and Michelle?
Where does Danny tell Joey to never ever hug him?
What was the 'little earthquake' Stephanie thought she felt?
How did the car get in the kitchen?
What time was it when Michelle said hi to Danny in the living room during the Telethon episode?
What is DJ's telephone number?
What type of airplane does Uncle Jesse call Tony?
What elementary school does Stephanie go to?
Who takes Joey's slot at the comedy club after laughing in the audience?
What does Michelle re-name Mr. Bear to?
Out of the 6 main characters, who is the only one not appearing in every single episode?
Which episode did said character not appear in?
Which Olsen twin plays Michelle's memory in the last episode of the series?
Who did Joey replace in the Vegas show with Wayne Newton?
What does Bryan tell DJ to do in order to get her purse back when she's babysitting?
What does Michelle want for dinner on Tanner Family Fun Night?
Name Danny's sister's name?
How many thank-you's does Stephanie tell DJ they owed the guys?
How much is the woman on the phone willing to pledge if Kimmy will ride her unicycle?
Which Beach Boy shows up for the Telethon episode?

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