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At the opening, Olive said that Google Earth couldn't find her even if she was what?
What does Rhiannon tell Olive to go get after she tells her she can't go camping?
What song is playing in the card that Olive received?
Who is the card from?
'I want every detail! NOW, _______'
Where did Rhi let Peter motorboat her?
What does Rhi call Marianne in the bathroom?
What was Olive's obnoxious way of saying lies travel fast?
What did Marianne call Religion of Other Cultures?
What does Woodchuck Todd tell Olive to do after he takes off his mascot head?
What would have been Olive's punishment if her parents had grounded her?
What grade does Olive's brother get on his spelling test?
What does Brandon call Principal Gibbons?
What is Rhi's identifier?
Part 3: a lady's choice and ____________
'I'm a straight guy, _______'
What is Olive's name an anagram of?
What is on Rhi's sweatshirt that she wants back from Olive?
What does Mr. Griffifth say to Olive in the cafeteria?
How much does Olive get to save on her bottle of gel?
What did Roman buy at the gas station?
What does Mr. Griffifth say to Olive as she leaves his classroom?
What book is he alluding to/referencing?
What kind of knife did the kid bring to school?
What does the guidance counsellor give to Olive?
What book was next to the Bible in the bestsellers section?
Where do Olive and Anson go on their date?
Who was Todd's first kiss?
What game does the guidance counsellor want to play with Olive?
What movie is alluded to when Todd holds up the stereo speakers?
What movie is alluded to when Todd and Olive ride the lawn mower?
What movie is alluded to when Todd and Olive thrust their arms into the air?

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