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Can you name the following dermatologic terms?

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commonly presents as painless, mobile, solitary mass in the elderlynot a tumor of the lip
most common malignant neoplasm, rolled borders, peripheral palisadesif misspelled, it could create some terrible pesto sauce
shiny, white plaques on an erythematous basereeeete, reeeete, reeeete...
the term describing the normal loss of nuclei in the stratum corneum...a.k.a. jagerbombkeratosis?
scaly papules or plaques on sun-bearing skin, can progress to SCCnot to be confused with the myosinic variety...
pattern describing a band of inflammatory cells at the dermal-epidermal junctionnot quite a noid, but close
'stuck-on' papules or plaques on hairbearing skin< Trelat
absence of melanocytes, resulting in depigmented patchesMichael Jackson had it, although the disease is typically not associated with pedophilia, creepiness, death
form of erythema multiforme major that affects less than 10% of the body; involves oral and genital mucosa...may have been so named because the first patient, steven, got the disease on his genital mucosa
replacement of the spinous and granular layers by basaloid keratinocytes; squamous cell carcinoma in situi feel sooo sorry for mr. queyrat...
calcinosis, Raynaud's phenomenon, sclerodactyly, telangectasia, esophageal dysmotilitythis is why i use aquafresh instead
firm nodules or ulcers on sun-exposed skin, nuclear pleomorphism, dyskeratosis, keratin pearlsparticularly aggressive when it involves your 'skalp'...
benign vascular proliferation, common in children...perhaps discovered by a buff, half-naked, 80s superhero
bloodborne variant of T cell lymphoma where skin becomes red all over bodyfortunately for me, my redness is completely unrelated and a lot more fun
virus that causes verruca vulgariscommonly seen on fingers, hands, scientific methods finals
melanoma in situ, common in head and neckone case where it is ok to shave or punch your patients
most common cause of skin cancer deathextending beyond borders is very bad (hint hint, all you canadians)
pruritic, purple, polygonal, planar papules and plaquesif you need more P's than that, just wait until you get your derm grade back

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