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Singer/BandWorst Album
 The Wraith: Shangri-la (2002)
 Love Beach (1978)
 Timeless: The Classics (1992)
 Classics In The Key Of G (1999)
 Love Among The Cannibals (1989)
 Point Of Know Return (1977)
 Astra (1985)
 Hard To Swallow (1998)
 You've Got A Good Love Comin' (1985)
 The Christmas Album (1987)
 From Nashville To You (1994)
 Oy Vey, Baby (1991)
 Goddess In The Doorway (2001)
 Concerto for Electric Guitar and Orchestra (1999)
 [Singer/Band] Live At The Acropolis (1993)
 Only A Lad (1981)
 The [Singer/Band] Project (2001)
 In A Metal Mood (1997)
 Twin Sons Of Different Mothers [w/ Tim Weisberg] (1978)
 Live Acoustic America (1996)
 Pyramid (1978)
 Pork Soda (1993)
 Weathered (2001)
 Backlash (1991)
 A Funk Oddysey (2001)
Singer/BandWorst Album
 [Self Titled] (1992)
 Now & Forever (1996)
 A Worm's Life (1996)
 Too Dark Park (1990)
 Repeat Offender (1989)
 Unplugged (1993)
 Zig Zag (1989)
 Gentlemen Take Polaroids (1980)
 Secret Samadhi (1997)
 Bunkka (2002)
 This Christmas (1999)
 The Soft Parade (1969)
 Sex, Age & Death (2002)
 Soup (1995)
 Slip Of The Toungue (1989)
 Lizstomania (1975)
 Beggar On A Beach Of Gold (1995)
 Sign Of The Hammer (1985)
 Este Mundo (1991)
 Homebelly Groove Live (1992)
 Gutterflower (2002)
 Only God Can Judge Me (1999)
 Pale (1990)
 Sun And Steel (1975)

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