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Can you name the Warriors of ThunderClan?

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HintNameExtra Info
The leader of ThunderClan when Rusty first joinsLoses her faith in StarClan after Tigerclaw almost kills her
The fire that saves ThunderClanFears the birth of the three cats in the prophecy
Firestar's best friendConsiders being a kittypet, but returns to his Clan
Firestar's mateShe once hated Firestar because he was born a kittypet
Formerly the ShadowClan medicine catMothered Brokenstar with Raggedstar
HintNameExtra Info
Lost the use of one leg in a trapWas told of her death before it happened
Has never gotten along with FirestarWas once in love with Sandstorm
Former medicine cat turned warriorStill loves Crowfeather
Son of Tigerstar, current deputyOnce trained with his father in the Dark Forest
Lied about having kitsCan no longer bear kits because of a battle wound
HintNameExtra Info
Blind medicine catWishes Leafpool would be a medicine cat again
Left the Clan because she was guiltyLived in the tunnels, and knows more about them than any cat
Tried to kill Jayfeather and his siblingsLoved Squirrelflight, and tried to kill Firestar
Has the power to remain uninjured in battleDoesn't want to be part of the prophecy
Was reincarnated from a past lifeWas once Dove's Wing, an ancient cat
HintNameExtra Info
Was jealous of her sister's attentionSpies on the Dark Forest
Left the Twoleg barn to raise her kitsIs in love with Cloudtail
Stuck up and rudeLost part of his tail in a fox trap
Is the first of her siblings to have kitsWould rather be a warrior
Died protecting BriarkitWas Berrynose's first mate
HintNameExtra Info
Lost the use of her back legsHelps Jayfeather in the medicine den
Joined the Dark Forest because she was neglectedWants her mother to pay attention to her
Is in love with DovewingLooks like his father, Graystripe
Was once a kittypet, left to be Graystripe's mateWishes Jayfeather would do more to help Briarlight
Lost part of her face to dogsWon't go down to the lake

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