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AAdmiral of the Alliance fleet from Mon Calamari
BInventor of the rule of two
CHans Solo's best friend
DIts no moon...
EGreat Sith Lord who headed the Brotherhood of the Sith
FImportant Planet in clone wars where Aayla Secura met her end
GNative species of Naboo, Jar Jar was one
HIce planet which rebel base was hidden on
IFamous line which appears in every star wars media
JMandalorian bounty hunter
KPlanet which could not be found in the Library
LA Jedi's tool, but a Sith's weapon
MOne of Revan's companions during the Jedi Civil War
NMoon of Nal Hutta, known as the Smugglers Moon
OCommand that signalled the end of the Jedi by Darth Sidious
PTerm for young Jedi
QObi Wans Mentor
RFound on Dathomir and Rakata Prime, but Jabba seemed to have one...
SSurname of Luke and Anakin
TPlanet destroyed by Darth Malaks fleet
UPlanet General Grievous was hiding on
VCommon type of close common weapon around the time of the Jedi Civil War
WRed two, co-leader of Rogue Squadron
XIncom T-65 the fighter that destroyed the Death Star
Y'Do or do not, there is no try'
ZDarth Maul and Bao Dur where of this species

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