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DescriptionPersonBook first mentionned in
Founding Patriarch of Israel and husband to Sarah
David saw her from the palce rooftop bathing
King of Persia
Major Prophet who made a name for himself in Babylon
Samuel's mentor who had two very nasty sons
Paul stood trial in front of him while he was Roman procurator of Iudaea Province
Son of Jacob
A minor prophet who married a prostitute
Father of Jacob
Leader of the Israelite tribes after Moses' death
Son of Esau who fought against Israel
Son of Jacob and whose tribe Aaron was a member of
DescriptionPersonBook first mentionned in
Aaron's brother
Mother in law of Ruth
Minor Prophet
Chief disciple of Jesus
Govenor of Syria at time of Jesus' birth
Prostitiute who helped the Israelite spies in Jericho
One of Jesus' disciples who was a zealot
Paul's assistant who had two letters written to
Husband of Bathsheba
Wife of king Ahasuerus who is replaced by Esther
King of Persia
Tax collector who climbed a tree to see Jesus

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