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Whats a huge thick sheetof slowly moving ice called
movement from one region to another
gorup of people living together who have systems of government ,religion ,and culture
spanish word for town
a bridge that the Paleo indians followed migration from
the earliest people who built large villages
large feast that could last for several days
the Tlingit was located where
a way of supplying water to crops with streams, ditches, or pipes
a main crop that is used for food
event at which people gather to express important beliefs
what kind of food did the hopi mostly eat
a house made using bark earth and grass
a person who moves around and doesn't live in one place
similar to a sled
where do Comanche live today
a large house made with wood poles and bark
government in wwhich seperate groups of people join together
belts carefully shaped and cut seashell
trade goods without using goods
do all the american indian groups still live today

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