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Castrated male horse
Guy who tried to blow up UK's Parliament in 1605
Landlocked country entirely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa
4 parts bourbon whiskey + 1 part sweet vermouth =
Legendary Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster
Capital of Norway
Widely regarded as first talking movie (talkie)
Only US president to hold a patent
Discovered the first polio vaccine
Norse explorer regarded as first European to land in North America
Periodic symbol for potassium
Former 'Price is Right' host succeeded by Drew Carey
Era in which dinosaurs became extinct
Studio founded in 1919 by D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford
City with many nicknames including Porkopolis, City of Seven Hills, and the Queen City
Precursor to the Boy Scouts of America
1919 act that prohibited alcohol in the US
Richard Nixon attended this college
This number describes the relation of a stock's returns with that of the financial market as a whole
Site of the 1904 Summer Olympics
Serbian secret society responsible for assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Tulane University nickname
Australian folk hero. Dressed in home-made metal body armor
Famous merchant ship discovered fully intact, seaworthy, and completely abandoned in 1872
Term describing a series of police actions and interventions of the US in Central America/Carribean from 1898-1934

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