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1. A European capital city; also, a method of preparing chicken breast by rolling it around garlic butter and herbs, breading it, and then baking or frying it
2. 'C' name given to girls in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries; also, part of the names of two states in the U.S.
3. Featured a great wall for 28 years that split the city in two
4. The only Central American country where English is the official language
5. Longest continuous civilization on earth; another word for 'dishware'
6. An Asian capital city; Johnny saves his from the Devil by winning a fiddling contest
7. A vast desert (technically) found south of the equator that receives less than four inches of rain each year
8. Moses and the Israelites crossed this to escape slavery
9. A country that is, ironically, mostly covered in ice
10. A state in the southern United States that made pronunciation of its name an act of state legislature in 1881.
11. The world's 12th longest river; Asia's 7th longest river
12. A U.S. state capital; home to Miley Cyrus, Johnny Cash, and their genre of music
13. Kingdom in Northern Europe known for its shipbuilding, vikings and love of herring
14. An island territory that forms the 'B' in the ABC Islands; owned by the Kingdom of the Netherlands
15. A landlocked country in the Southern part of Africa, bordered by Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, and the answer to #23
16. A U.S. city famous for its style of pizza, hot dogs, and jazz
17. In 1993, this country split into two entities, one of which is Slovakia
18. A country in South Asia, bordered by Iran, Afghanistan, China, and India
19. A region in Northern Europe that, among other countries, includes the answer to #13
20. A song by the group Men at Work; a colloquial expression for two countries that sit below the equator
21. A capital city located in the Western part of #20
22. A capital city in South America; also, a kind of bean
23. A landlocked country in the Southern part of Africa that borders the answer to #15
24. A country in Southeast Asia that was devastated by an earthquake in 2004
25. A city in Italy; capital of the Lombardy region
26. A European capital city infamous for legalized prostitution and marijuana.
27. A landlocked country in Western Africa bordered by Algeria, Niger, Cote d'Ivoire, and Burkina Faso; close rhyme to #28
28. A small Indonesian island between Java and Lombok; close rhyme to #27
29. A U.S. state whose citizens are sometimes known as Buckeyes
30. Third largest island of Hawaii
31. Second largest city in California; a surname
What common theme unites all of these clues?

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