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First LineFinish !Title of Song
When you left, she was a wreck...Mr Winter
There was a new girl in town... Into Your Arms
The way you're moving, across the floor..Give It To Me
Well where I come from, we learn to take it nice and slow...Don't Stop Now.
Photographs, remembering the summer...Growing Up.
We're too young, this is never gonna work...Listen to Your Heart
I walk the tight rope, on my way home, you're my back bone...Saving Grace.
Got caught, running up a tab...Right Girl.
I got your call, and now I'm here at your door...Fuel to the Fire
Oh it's safe to say I knew it, I knew it all along...Every Road
So let it slide, all the things that I have running through my mind...Color
She's eighteen and a beauty queen...Girls do What They Want
Another party with the same kids...Kiss and Sell
She thinks I'm crazy, I Must be Dreaming
It's time to go, so put all your clothes on...Time to Go
First LineFinish !Title of Song
I'm taking taking all of my time... This is the End
I thought I had my girl, but she ran away...Whoever She Is
Oh this suggestion may be a bit suggestive, Undressing the Words
Well I picked you up, Daisy
You count em one, two, three...Count em one two three.
I've been changing, We Change, We Wait
I see you winding, grinding up on that poleI wanna love you
She takes her time with the little things... Everything I Ask For
I fell asleep last night, If I only had the heart
Wake up, it's 5amLife Like This
Baby my ears are open, and I'm watching you..The Town's Been Talking
She's fresh to death, she'll be the death of you...The Way we Talk
I remember every night we spent on weekends, with good friends...We All Roll Along
I'm on a trip...Inside Of You
Surrounded by familiar faces, the people that you love to see...We'll All Be

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