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the last airbender
the last waterbender of the Southern Tribe
'boomerang guy'
the blind bandit
the avatar's bison
flying lemurrabbit
the banished Prince of the Fire Nation
the Dragon of the West
the 'Phoenix King'
the Princess of the Fire Nation
circus freak
a rich only child for fifteen years
ran away from the northern tribe to escape an arranged marriage
the king of Omashu
the king of Omashu's pet goat-gorilla
the most recent Fire Avatar
the most recent Earth Avatar
the most recent Water Avatar
the previous Air Avatar
the granddaughter of the most recent Fire Avatar
Aang's guardian
the greatest swordmaster in Fire Nation History
the first man to successfully desert the Fire Nation Army
the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors
spiritual brother of the Air Nomads; personal friend of Aang's Guardian
the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe...
... and his best buddy
oldest living Southern waterbender
Head of the Dai Li, the Earth King's regent
The Earth King himself...
... and his beloved pet bear
The Moon Spirit
The Ocean Spirit
Princess of the Northern Water Tribe
the Face-Stealer
Toph Bei Fong's earthbending teacher
Host of Earth Rumble VI
She will be your host as long as you are in Ba Sing Se.
The leader of the Freedom Fighters
Freedom Fighter who is, believe it or not, a girl
Freedom Fighter who doesn't talk much
the waterbending master of the Foggy Swamp Tribe (he's not really a swamp monster)
'What d'ye reckon'd make a track like that, ___?'
'Dunno, ___. Somethin' with six legs. Pretty big'uns too.'
He tried to kill the Moon.
Beaten by a little girl at Earth Rumble VI
Who is buried in the Cave of Two Lovers?
Freedom Fighter who is not as tiny as his name implies
Freedom Fighter who _is_ tiny
sacrificed herself to save the last Southern waterbender
Avatar Kuruk's bride-to-be, dragged into the Spirit World
Chief of the Northern Water Tribe
a healing teacher of the Northern Water Tribe
he started the century-long war
a ruthless tyrant who pushed Avatar Kyoshi to create Kyoshi Island
Hippy-dippy nomad dude
Hippy-dippy nomad chick
another Hippy-dippy nomad (he plays a drum)
Huge bender defeated by the Boulder at Earth Rumble VI
Iroh's son
Katara got him arrested, and then he grew a moustache
He who knows ten thousand things.
head of the Anthropology Department at Ba Sing Se University.
the 'crazy' 'brother' of Bushi and Xu
founder of the Zhang tribe
founder of the Gan Jin tribe
He has the spirit of an airbender.
Thought his eyebrows would never grow back.
Psychic, flirts with Iroh.
Has a total crush on Aang
Female prison guard who shows kindness to Iroh
Shoots fire from his third eye, has a metal hand and foot.
Aang's Fire Nation Alter-ego
Sokka's Fire Nation Alter-ego
Iroh's Earth Nation cover name
Zuko's Earth Nation cover name
Mai's little brother
survived encounter with a 'moon monster'
Warden of the prison where Iroh is kept
Kya's murderer.
Zuko & Azula's grandfather.
'Please to rise for Fire Nation National Anthem.' (Earth Rumble VI)
Sokka's bird
Bounty Hunter Chick
Kiyoshi Island native who gets a little overexcited about Aang
Creepy Old Fire Nation Twins
Mayor of Chin Village
leader of Kyoshi Island
Sokka's friend, the baby sabretooth mooselion cub.

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