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________ assist direct care of patients under the supervision of a nursing staff
___________ ________ nurse are offered at JCs and take 2 years
An ________ works with patients who have physical injuries or illnesses associated with the aging process
______________ treat disorders of the endocrine system
A ________ practices medicine under the supervision of a physician
______________ treat disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract
________ treat colitis, hemorrhoids, fistulas, tumors, and ulcers
A ________ prepares radioactive drugs and operates radiation detection equipment
__________ manage diseases of the kidney
________ ________ treats amateur and professional athletes
__________ is the study the aging process
a _______ _______ performs reconstruction, correction, or improvement of body structures
________ treat people with pain with thin hollow needles under the skin
________ assist registered nurses and physicians by observing patients and reporting changes in their conditions
___________ studies changes of a disease in cells, fluids, tissues, and processes of the body
_____________ treat physical reactions to mold, dust, fur, and pollen
____________ treat diseases of the eye
_________ determine if tumors are benign and treat cancer
___________ treats the foot and ankle
_________ specialize in rehabilitation
A ________ is for those with education in radiologic technology
A ________ treats communication disorders
__________ specialize in problems to the internal organs
________ treats diseases of the kidney, bladder, and urinary system
________ use pressure, kneading, and tapping to promote muscle relaxation
____________ medicine introduces a small amount of radioactive substance into the body and forms an image as it leaves the body
____________ is the speciality that deals with obesity
___________ treat pregnancies, labor, delivery, and postpartum
________ use their hands and medical instruments to treat external or internal injuries
Family practictioners are called ________ by insurance companies
________ is the study of recording the electrical activity of the brain.
________ use manual treatments called adjustments to correct problems due to pain
________ studies drugs and dispense medication to the public
________ help patients make healthy food choices
A nurse who graduates from a nursing program and passes exam for licensure
________ specialize in taking and reading xrays
___________ is a medicine where a system of hands-on techniques that relieve pain, restore motion, support body's natural functions
________ ________ nurse are 3 years in a college and hospital
_______________ treats the ear, nose, and throat
__________ perform physicals of the female reproductive system
________ uses physical therapy for medically referred patients
________ ________ is awarded by 4 year college of a nursing program
___________ treat diseases of nervous system, such as strokes
__________ medicine works in hospital emergency rooms and outpatient emergency
A ________ is an RN who functions in an expanded nursing role
________ ________ is an umbrella term for clinical lab tests, procedures, and equipment
_________________ use medications that cuase patients to lose sensation suring surgery
__________ maintain function of the musculoskeletal system, muscles, and bones.
__________________ deals with development of children
________ treats patients with respiratory problems
__________ treat disease of the skin, hair, and nails

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