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You should tailor your cover letter to show how your qualifications and interests directly relate to company and also to reflect company advertisement. (true or false)
Post resume and cover letter on internet career job search. They will have instructructions on how to do so. Most internet job sites have local empolyers posting jobs daily. (true
Assist in propelling matter throughout the body tracts
A __________ is a granting of title or license by a board that gives permission to practice in a chosen profession
Proofread all spelling and grammar on a resume. It should be perfect. (true or false)
Planning and coordinating information and tasks in an orderly manner to complete job in given time frame
Medical practices are egaer to reduce personnel costs by hiring ___________
____________ plane runs lengthwise down the midline of the body and divides it into equal left and right halves
To recieve certification or registration as an MA you must graduate from a certified school (true or false)
A _________ is a confirmation from an organization that an individual is qualified to perform a job to professional standards
Simply carry a pen, your portfolio with extra copies, of your resume, and small pad for taking notes in an interview. (true or false)
Failure to perform an act that is one's required duty or that is required by law
Awards and honors indicate excellence in a resume. (true or false)
In most situations, you will be safe if you wear clean, pressed, conservative business clothes in neutral colors. (true or false)
Always be truthful in cover letters. (true or false)
Medical office manager, medical assisting instructor, ECG technician, patient care technician, and medical biller/coder are some examples of MA's with additional experience. (true
Performs cells digestive function in cells
Every __________ years, a CMA must recertify
Campus and community activities show leadership abilities and willingness to contribute. (true or false)
Open threat of bodily harm to another or put another in the 'reasonable apprehension of bodily harm.'
Name two aspects of being organized
An effective cover letter motivates the employer to review the resume and interview the candidate (true or false)
If possible cover letters should be addressed to a particular person. (true or false)
This kind of Dr. READS ECG's for hospital labs.
Cover letters can be 2 pages long. (true or false)
MSHP stands for
Responsible for protein synthesis in cells
A ___________ ________ is a brief, general statement that demonstrates a career goal in a resume
provide energy for the cell
Make sure name is on all faxed pages of a resume and save fax printout to verify it was delivered. (true or false)
* _______ ________ is your name, address, telephone number, and email address in a resume
* ____________ experience is listing the title and your last job first, dates employed.
Atoms that bond together are called
A civil wrong committed against a person or property that causes physical injury or damage to property or that deprives them of personal liberty or freedom
Body is standing upright and facing forward. Arms are at the side with palms facing forward
* ________ resumes is best if you are focused on a specific job target
Do not carry a large purse, backpack, books, coat, or hat in an interview. (true or false)
__________ contain chomosomes, structures made up of DNA.
Hand write envelopes that resumes go into. (true or false)
These form networks to transport substances throughout cytoplasm
A ____________ is a cross-trained team member who is able to handle many different duties.
When a healthcare practitioner fails to exercise ordinary care and the patient is injured
A ________ _________ is a tool that markets your resume as well as your skills and abilities
List professional memberships and activities and a summary of skills on a resume. (true or false)
Writing resumes with action works and strong verbs protrays you as an energetic, active person who is able to achieve results. (true or false)
This sorts proteins and synthesizes carbohydrates in the cell
_____________ plane divides the body into anterior and posterior portions
Cover letters should be direct and to the point. (true or false)
* ____________ background is providing your highest degree first, school attended, and major of study in a resume
An unlawful act or misconduct
A _________ __________ is an introduction to your resume
Stopping care without providing an equally qualified substitute
A ______________________ are patients with advanced medical directive name someone who will make decisions for them if they are unable to
__________ plane divides the body into superior and inferior portions
In the law of agency, an employee acts as a Dr's agent. The doctor is _________ for the negligence of employees
Essential to cell division and resultant 'daughter' cells
* ________ resumes highlight speciality areas
* __________ resumes highlight job experience, particularly in the same field
Intentional or unintentional breach of obligation that causes harm or injury
__________ plane divides the body into left and right portions
Use a conservative email address when email a resume. Send in Microsoft Word file. (true or false)
Lawful act that is done incorrectly
Wear current fashion and fad clothing to an interview. (true or false)
Action that causes bodily harm to another

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