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any details in regards to health status of pt parents or siblings
not a method of disinfection
u can find drug information except in
not a common cause from breathing emergency
example of an engineering control
source of vitamin D
when using a stethoscope, what type of method are you using
grooved instrument used to guide the direction and depth of a surgical incision
example of a schedule IV drug
shock by sudden fluid loss
normal freshly voided urine, what color
replacement of nutritional elements lost during the processing of food
instrument not an endoscope
term for giving pt medication for a fee
not a common sign/symptom of shock
same term as hematology
nutritional elements that replace and repair worn out tissues
part in SOAP for treatment, medication, and surgery
schedule 2 inventories, how often - every
what is not a chemical in urine
nutritional elements that serve as catalysts
which lead at 4th intercostal space left of the sternum
which form filled when damaged or contaminated controlled substances are destroyed
common causes for seizure
main hemoglobin cell responsible for sickle cell anemia
which vitamin is not fat soluable (ADEK)
surgical removal that becomes infected and needs to be reopened
pt name, dob, marital status, education, occupation
prescription symbol that classified
rules of nines, head and neck cover what percentage
usually the species of bacteria that causes food poisoning
initial examination of breasts performed in what position
put what over a wound to prevent from getting contaminated
Sx of dry, hot, red skin is what
when measuring this in urine, you only need a little urine
how many seconds in one large block (5 small squares) of an EKG
generic name for lopressor
pt suffering from diabetic coma or insulin shock, first thing to do
not an example anisochromia in RBCs
common sign of diabetes mellitis
regards major body systems/parts
surgical scissors are considered a
a medicine or course of action used to prevent disease
common liquid culture media
instrument to grasp or clamp down on objects
used in aspirin and anti-acne products
treatment for poison ivy
the set of metabolic pathways that construct molecules from smaller units. These reactions require energy.
the set of metabolic pathways that breaks down molecules into smaller units to release energy
what precedes organ level
helps in facilitating communication with pt
standard principle differentiating what is right and wrong
what tissue consists of neurons
behavioral response that results in a conflict of inner impulses and anxiety
facilitative communication
telling the truth the best you can
appendices of the skin
source of energy to satisfy the 3 levels of personality
positive character traits are also called
bony projection of bone
this disorder has to be notified to health agencies
what is a respiratory problem
Freud, sexual impulses are repressed, 6-12 years old
mimicing the behavior of someone else to cope
confidentiality is legally supported by
foot turned outward
acts to propagate beliefs that are not true, or not the whole truth
a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility

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