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first aid priority on injured victim
element that adds satiety to foods, source of energy
p.c. stands for
not needed for a laceration
glass tube for small quantities of liquid
special characters for sorting and routing of financial documents
not part of employee's ability to perform a task
slope of an access ramp should be no more than - 1/
psychosexual stage that centers around a mature sexual relationship
informed consent is most related to the concept of
Right atrioventricular valve also known as
A civil wrong against a person/property is a
Argument against the disclosure of information to a patient
Hardening of the crystalline lens in elderly
voicebox is also called
Freud stage of mistrust, nail-biting, smoke abuse
hypochondiac also known as
inflammation of gallbladder
fingerlike projection of soft palate
Freud stage of toilet training
adopt someone's view relative to their situation
negligence of a professional person, you can sue for
radiology study of the urinary system
structure that houses the glomerulus
# stages in Erikson's psychosocial development
least serious degree of negligence
medical abbreviation for 'by mouth'
innermost layer of uterus
# stages in Jean Piaget cognitive development
neuron stuctures that receive/conduct impulses toward the cell body
principle a provider has obligation to care for patient
self-determination is an argument supporting
abbreviation 'ad lib' stands for
interaction with health professional the same as with a parental figure
# stages in James Fowler's spiritual development
process of converting meaning from understandable symbols
in most states no legal duty to rescue except a
process of manipulating genes for breeding or alterations
smallest piece of information on computer
when opening up a checking account, what do you need in order to complete it
when doing ICD9 codes, direction to consider additional codes
person most likely to handle office equipment purchasing
ideally answer phone by
fixed prepaid fee HMO per person enrollment
statute that requires public facilities to be made accessible
process of integrating resources to meet organizational objectives
activating the input of the operating system into main memory
underlined portion of ICD-9
organizing a blank disc into sectors so data can get stored
it pays fees not covered by provisional plans
check which bank refuses to pay
check having no funds
on a telephone message, you do not need patient's
when talking on phone, never sound
personal record of relevant information regarding a checking account
highest priority for barrier removal to improve accessibility to a facility
type of paper that are carbonless copies of checks
goals developed and documented by employees themselves
key moves left, right, top, bottom
check that has been honored and stamped to prevent reissue
how wide for van accessible parking space
how wide for cars
An annual report that's used
time difference between west and east coast
blinking dash small rectangle where on computer screen entered next
asking if having children
best way to track charts when pulled out of cabinet
having an effective answering service helps to avoid ____________
organizations ability to pay its own debt
person designated by policyholder to recieve value of policy
how wide are doors
learn about company, skills, what mission is, performance expectations
number of characters contained within an inch
property of value owned and controlled by an organization
outside air per minute per person in office environment
according to ICD9, a severe form with vascular damage

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