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Color that contains EDTA
Color containing sodium citrate
Color used for thyroid tests
Invert all tubes except for yellow, _____ , and ______
Color used for complete metabolic panel (CMP)
Color used for liver function test (LFT)
Color just before lavender on blood draw order
Color used for lipid panel
To get serum from tiger top, wait ___ min, spin ___ min, and wait to asperate
Color for TSH, T3, T4
Color used for fasting blood sugar (FBS)
Color of the second serum tube
Color also called SST
Used in the middle of a rainbow, color that is rarely used (mostly in ER)
Color in which blood in tube will not coagulate
Color used to count WBC
Color that contains Na Flouride
Color that contains K+ Oxalate
Color used for ESR
Color also called CBC
Color of the first serum tube
Color used to measure glucose
Color referred to as chem panel
Color that is RST (rapid serum tube)
Color that can be used as a throwaway tube
Color for Hep A, Hep B, Hep C, HIV
Color that is the flouride tube
Color that is always last
Color containing PTT
Color you do NOT use for CBC
Color that goes 1st. (Quest Diag says last) It's a blood culture tube. Not in our tube set.
Color that, along with lavender, has anticoagulant
Blood draw order we use in class: ______, _______, ________, _______, _______
Color containing heparin
Invert vials ___ to ___ times
Color used for basic metabolic panel (BMP)
Color that contains glycolytic inhibitor
Color that has (plasma separation) PST
the breaking down of blood
Color that is sodium polyethanol sulfonate (SPS)
Color that is the citrate tube

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