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Though not always in order, please list what's third in the usual order of the stages of dying
(type true or false) Signs of anxiety are increased blood pressure, rates of breathing, pulse, sweaty palms, problems with sleep and appetite, and irritability
This defense mechanism is the unconscious transfer of unacceptable thoughts from self to a more acceptable external substitute
In ___________ ____________, patients are more likely to listen attentively and respond positively. Being friendly, warm, and attentive.
This defense mechanism is projecting onto another person one's own feelings, as if they had originated in the other person
This defense mechanism is putting unpleasant thoughts, feelings, or events out of one's mind
This defense mechanism is adopting the unacceptable thoughts or feelings of others
Though not always in order, please list what's first in the usual order of the stages of dying
Trying to impose a position on others or try to manipulate them
This defense mechanism is unconsciously returning to more infantile behaviors or thoughts
What life stage? industry vs. inferiority
(type true or false) Most social situations, people stand 4-12 feet away.
This defense mechanism is overemphasizing a trait to make up for a perceived or actual failing
Last name creator Elizabeth's of stages of dying
What life stage? initiative vs. guilt
The step above psychological on Maslow's heirarchy of needs is
Part of the communication circle where _________ sends the message
______________ communication is the ability to comminicate with patients in terms that they can understand and helps them feel comfortable with what you are saying
_______ _________ is simply hearing what someone has to say without the need for a reply. Ex. listening to the radio; communication is mainly one-way
This interpersonal skill is being honest in your interactions with patients. Refraining from putting on an act. Giving full attention and respect. Shows you are a real person.
What disrupts a communication circle
Part of the communication circle where _________ gets the message.
What life stage? autonomy vs. shame and doubt
This defense mechanism is an unconscious attempt to reject unacceptable feelings, needs, thoughts, wishes, or external reality factors
Feedback and be ___________ and _____________
Though not always in order, please list what's fourth in the usual order of the stages of dying
(Type true or false) When patients lean back when you lean forward or if they fold arms or turn head away, you may be invading their personal space
What life stage? intimacy vs. isolation
Which need can make you ill?
This defense mechanism is unconciously replacing an unreachable or unacceptable goal with another more acceptable one
(type true or false) Some patients maybe be unable to verbalize feelings of fear and anxiety.
This interpersonal skill is a friendly but professional approach, a pleasant greeting, and smile. When sincere, patients will be more relaxed
This interpersonal skill is the process of identifying with someone else's feelings is
An area that surrounds an individual. Not intruding on this shows respect for privacy
What life stage? generativity vs. stagnation
Though not always in order, please list what's second in the usual order of the stages of dying
(type true or false) For personal conversation, you would typically stand 1-4 feet away
What is evidence that a receiver got and understood a message.
_________ ________ is when the patient comes first and the patient needs are satisfied
Last name of creator of hierarchy of needs
The step just below self-actualization on Maslow's heirarchy of needs is
What life stage? ego identity vs. role confusion
The middle of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is belonging, which is also called
The top of Maslows hierarchy of needs is
Being open, honest, and direct
This defense mechanism is disconnecting emotional significance from specific ideas or events
The most important part of communication to families and patients
__________ _____ ________ is when patients get nervous in a doctors office
(type true or false) body language is a nonverbal communication
This interpersonal skill is showing deference like using a title of 'Mr.' or acknowledging wishes without passing judgement
Part of the communication circle where _________ is usually verbal, written, or nonverbal
(type true or false) Fear of bad news, a new illness, and not knowing what is wrong causes anxiety to interfere with communication
This defense mechanism is mimicking the behavior of another to cope with feelings of inadequacy
This interpersonal skill is showing care for their individual fears and needs
This defense mechanism is justifying unacceptable behavior, thoughts, and feeling into tolerable behaviors
What life stage? integrity vs. despair
In ________ ___________, mumbling, speaking sharply, avoiding eye contact, interrupting patients, rushing through explanations, treating patients impersonally occur
_______ _________ involves two way communication. You are offering feedback or asking questions
The bottom of Maslow's hierarch of needs is
Though not always in order, please list what's fifth in the usual order of the stages of dying
What life stage? trust vs. mistrust

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