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How much % of the U.S. gross is related to health care costs
Who owns the PHR?
How soon can you view a patient's results in computer?
What is the estimate maintenance per year for an EHR program?
EP stands for
What if you want to document something but the power is down?
In order to access payment via medicare or medical you must be an
(Yes or no) Can anyone get into the EHR?
Allows a patient access to EHR
meaningful use to send and receive is ________
In 2006, the US government wanted everyone to be on the EHR by the year ____
What is the estimated cost to establish an EHR program?
(true or false) Chiropractors are eligible for medicare?
If patients don't pay or own an amount, this can be generated
the greatest concern of EHR
In order for doctors to receive financial incentives, they need to be an
How many patients identifiers do you need?
what is the main advantage of have EHR?
What is the main advantage for doctors participating in EHR
(true or false) You should Write driver's license and social security on EHR health forms?
(Yes or no) Can an EHR flag allergies or medicines?
What is the main disadvantage to EHR?
What is stored on secure internet sites?
What is a disadvantage of the electronic scheduler?
What makes appointments in the EHR?
What is it called when the EHR is locked and a doctor or nurse wants to put more info in?
(true or false) NP, RN, and MA are elibible for medicare?
After login, what is captured about a person
(true or false) medicaid is the same as medical?
An alert or flag in the EHR is called a
meaningful use to have an EHR is _______
what is the maximum amount an EP can earn from medicare?
EHR captures __________ such as male/female, married/single
(true or false) you should change the password as many times as you like
This complies reports
(true or false) Communication problems: lost paper, mishandled paper, misplaced, inaccurate, mislabeled, improper telephone etiquette, unreadable

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