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most common envelope for correspondence is number __
written greeting followed by title and last name
_________ _______ is limited to 2-3 words, all capital letters, and brings subject of letter to reader's attention
A proofreading error that are errors in spelling, punctuationm spacing between words, and division of words
large and bulky items are placed into _____ _______ envelopes
Items that can be damaged are placed into _____ envelopes
__________ and ___________ are placed into an envelope with a transparent window
stating your message so that it can be understood quickly
An example of _________ ___________ is a colon after the attention line
Name the five aspects of editing for an effective business letter
Use short sentences. Be brief. Be specific.
The name format should include a _____ on a business letter. Ex. 'Mr.'
(true or false) know who you are sending letter to before writing the letter
(true or false) 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper with 1 inch margins are primarily used for business letters
A proofreading error involving mistyping monetary figures is a ________ error
formal business stationary
used to bring attention to the subject in the letter. catches readers attention
The ________ of a letter should stick to the subject
the correct way to list items in the body is to leave ___ extra line inbetween items
The ___________ __________ is __ lines below the last line of the body
begins 2 lines below salutation or subject line and the text is single-spaced with double space between paragraphs
________ ______________ means no punctuation after the notation
A book of how to spell, divide, and pronounce a word and what part of speech it is
a light color impression pattern on paper
The __________ ________ contains the writer's initials
A yearly book information on prescriptions and medications
checking a document for grammatical spelling and formatting errors
To create an effective business letter use the following
checking a document for factual accuracy, logical flow, conciseness, clarity, and tone
________ _________ bond and ________ bond are two paper bond types
The _______ _______ is aligned with the complimentary closing
_____________ are the number of enclosures and who is receiving the letter
Envelopes should be this number for business purposes
A _________ letter style eliminates courtesy title, subject line is in capital letters, and may be too informal in most medical office situations
______-______ style is type with all lines flush left. No indented paragraphs. Most common used in medical office
__________ ________ includes information needed for correct delivery
The body of the letter begins _____ lines below ________ _____
used for correspondence, invoices, and statments
________ _________ is 2 lines below last line of the body. Capitalize only first word. Ex. 'Sincerely'
What is the abbreviation for street according to USPS
A proofreading error involving the positioning of various parts of a letter
What are 3 types of formatting errors
What are 4 types of mechanical errors
On a date, the comma is placed after what part
________ _____________ contains writer's name on first line and business title on second line. Typed 3-4 lines below closing to allow room for signature
_________-_________ same as full-block but dateline, signature block, and notations are aligned center or slightly right of center. Most traditional appearance

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