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The largest federal program providing healthcare is ______ which provides health insurance for citizens aged 65 and older as well as certain patients under the age of 65
the ______ may be called the insured, the member, or the subscriber
A ______ is a fixed dollar amount that must be paid or met once a year in the addition to the premium, before the third-party payer begins to cover medical expenses
Hospice programs provide ______ care, including pain relief and support for terminal patients and their family members
______ ______ submissions are cost efficient even in smaller offices
Claims are generally paid much more quickly electronically - within a ______ or ______ instead of 6 to 8 weeks for paper claims
______ and ______ provide healthcare benefits to families of current military personnel, retired military personnel, and veterans
The ______ rule states if a husband and wife both have insurance through their employers, the insurance policy of the policyholder whose birthday occurs first in the calendar year
The patient's diagnosis for a given visit describes the ______ condition for which the patient is receiving care during that visit
The ICD codes are updated every ______ on ______ 1.
An ______ condition is one that is of sudden onset or a more long-standing condition that has suddenly worsened
A ______ condition is one that is long-standing
______ codes are never the ______ or ______ diagnosis listed
As for ICD-9, the first step for coding in ICD-10 is to locate the term in the ______ ______
The ______ and ______ codes are used so frequently that they are placed in the front of the CPT manual for easy reference
The general rule of thumb is that if a patient has not been seen in the practice within three years, he or she is considered a ______ patient
______ was originally developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for use in coding services for Medicare patients
The ______-digit modifiers indicate that one or more special circumstance applies to the service or procedure the physician performed
______ codes are ______-digit numeric codes
Call the credit card company and give the operator the patients credit card ______ and the amount of ______
For credit cards, record the ______ code from the operator on the credit card ______ and ______ it
______ ______ is most often extended to other physicians and their families, the practice's staff members and their families, other healthcare professionals, and clergy members
A ______ lists the charges and procedure codes (CPT) for services rendered on that day, including appropriate diagnoses and ICD codes
A ______ is a paperwork sent to patients who do not pay at the time of treatment to inform them of how much the insurance paid and how much is still due on the account.
A(n) ______ ______ is the process of classifying and review past-due accounts by age from the first date of billing
The ______ ______ ______ ______ prevents creditors from discriminating against applicants on the basis of sex, marital status, race, national origin, age, or income
Call the patient only between the hours of ______ a.m. and ______ p.m.
Using a collection agency is usually a last resort, because collection agencies keep between ______% and ______% of the collected amount.
Choose a collection agency only when all other avenues have ______
Patients are often considered ______ cases and are offered free or deeply discounted servies if they are poor, uninsured, or elderly and on a limited income.
Give the collection agency the patient's full ______, last known ______, occupation, name of spouse, the total amount of ______ , the date of last ______ on the account, actions ta
______ is often the largest of the accounts payable
In the past, it was necessary to have an accountant prepare financial summaries, but most ______ ______ ______ can now create these reports easily
A(n) ______ ______ ______ shows how much cash is available to cover expenses, to invest, or to take as profit
A practice's accounting system usually consists of a daily ______, patient ______ cards, the checkbook, the disbursements journal, the ______ cash record, and the payroll ______
______ is the part of the accounting process that consists of the systematic recording of business transactions
One of the few disadvantages of a computerized bookkeeping system is that the financial records are not available if the ______ goes out
The first thing you should put on the ______ is the daily log sheet, followed by a stack of ______
An ______ by the patients results in a credit ______, in which case the practice owes the patient money.
______ involves comparing the office's checkbook or disbursements journal with the monthly bank ______ to ensure that they are consistent with each other and accurate
When you use a(n) ______ ______ ______, the computer calculates balances automatically. When you record a check, the computer calculates and displays the new balance
When a person is hot, dermal blood vessels ______, carrying body heat to the body's serface where it can escape
When a person is cold, the dermal blood vessels ______ to prevent the heat in blood from escaping
______ is deposited throughout the layers of the epidermis
Keratin is a durable protein that makes the ______ waterproof and resistant to bacteria and viruses.
______ is a durable protein that makes the epidermis waterproof and resistant to bacteria and viruses
Sweat glands are located in the ______
______ glands are located in the dermis
When the supply of oxygen in the blood is low, the skin looks rather pale or ______
Herpes ______ types 1 and 2 are both caused by a ______
______ is more commonly known as lice and comes in three forms: head lice, body lice, and pubic lice
Pediculosis is more commonly known as lice and comes in three forms: ______ lice, ______ lice, and ______ lice
______ causes distinctive silvery scaly skin lesions
______ are mites that burrow beneath the skin and lay eggs
A superficial or ______-degree burn involves only the ______ and is characterized by pain, redness, and swelling

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