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_______ is a disorder that specifically targets hair and results in hair loss
_______ glands produce a thicker type of sweat that contains more proteins and are mostly concentrated in areas of skin with coarse hair
_______ muscles are attached to most hair follicles. When a person is cold or nervous, these muscles pull on hair follicles and cause the hairs to stand erect
_______ is an inflammation of connective tissues in the skin that is caused by staphylococcal and streptococcal bacteria
A bluish color of the skin is called _______
_______ is a general term for a rash or inflammation of the skin
In Shingles, or herpes zoster, a painful blistering rash usually occurs on one side of the body following the _______
The _______ lies below the epidermis and is the most complex skin layer; it contains all the major tissue types.
_______ is a chronic type of dermatitis that has acute phases characterized by a blistered rash that itches severely.
The outermost layer of skin is the _______ , which is made up of many layers of tightly packed cells
The function of hair _______ is to generate hairs in a tube-like depression in the dermis of skin made of epithelial tissue
_______ is also known as 'swimmer's rash'
Oxygen is carried by a pigment in red blood cells called _______
The most common of herpes _______ are types 1 and 2
Herpes _______ is caused by the same varicella virus that causes chickenpox.
_______ is another name for the subcutaneous layer of the skin
_______ causes the formation of oozing skin lesions that eventually crust over with a distinctive honey-colored crust
_______ , which is produced by keratinocytes in the epidermis, is a durable protein that makes the epidermis waterproof and resistant to bacteria and viruses
The _______ is the most common cell type in the epidermis
The white half-moon-shaped area at the base of a nail is the _______
_______ , which is produced by melanocytes, absorbs UV radiation from sunlight and prevents the radiation from harming structures in the underlying layers of skin
All people have about the same amount of _______ ; the difference in skin color is due to the level of activity of the (same words as answer) in making melanin
The layer beneath each nail is the nail _______ , which hold the nail down to underlying skin and provides nutrients to the nail from the blood supply under it
Well-_______ blood is bright red and gives the skin a pinkish hue
The three forms of _______ are head lice, body lice, and public lice
_______ , which is most likely an inherited autoimmune disorder, is a common, chronic, inflammatory skin condition
_______ results from dilation of small facial blood vessels, but the cause of this dilation is unknown
_______ is a highly contagious condition that is treated most successfully when the entire family undergoes treatment concurrently
_______ glands are more commonly called oil glands because they produce an oily substance called sebum that helps keep hair soft and pliable
_______ is an oily substance secreted by sebaceous glands that keeps hairs and skin soft and pliable
The stratum _______ , also known as the stratum _______ , is the deepest epidermal layer in which cells are constantly dividing and pushing older cells toward the stratum corneum
The cells in straum _______ have accumulated keratin, so they stick together to form an impermeable layer for skin
The stratum _______ , also known as the stratum basale, is the deepest epidermal layer in which cells are constantly dividing and pushing older cells toward the stratum corneum
The _______ layer is made up mostly of adipose and loose connective tissue. It also contains blood vessels and nerves.
The two types of _______ glands are eccrine and apocrine glands
_______ is ringworm that occurs on the scalp
A mole should not be _______ and should look equal in size from side to side
The _______ of a mole should not be irregular
The color of a mole should be even and should not darken or lighten, or contain a mixture of _______
A mole should not grow larger than 6 mm, about the _______ of a pencil eraser
The acronym _______ is meant to help adult patients recognize warning signs of cancer
The skin regulates body _______ by dilating dermal blood vessels
In the presence of sunlight, the skin manufactures _______ which is needed for calcium absorption
_______ receptors in the skin detect touch, heat, cold, and pain, and relay this information to the brain
The skin _______ small amounts of waste products such as water and salts through perspiration
A _______ is a large blister or cluster of blisters
_______ lesions are those that originate from disease or body changes
_______ lesions are casued by a reaction to external traumas like scratching or rubbing, by the healing process or by primary lesions
_______ lesions are anomalies of the blood vessels
A _______ is a scar usually inside a wound or tissue
_______ are pinpoint skin hemorrhages that result from bleeding disorders
A _______ is an overgrowth of scar tissue
_______ are flat skin discolorations, such as freckles and flat moles
A _______ is an elevated, infected skin lesion that contains pus
_______ is characterized by redness, swelling, localized warmth, and pain
An inflamed area looks red because nearby blood vessels _______
The first response to dermal injury is the formation of a blood _______
_______ fibers are whitish and serve as the major component of scars

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